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Gatineau Wordpress Plugin

Posted by admin on January 1st, 2008 filed in Gatineau

Just saw that Joost developed a Wordpress plugin for Gatineau, Microsofts Analytics solution.

The plugin let’s you automatically tag all the sites. You also can do this by adding the Gatineau script in the sidebar of your blog.

If you like the free plugin, please vote for Joost here. He is really an exceptional developer with great ideas…so I believe that he really deserves it.

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2 Responses to “”

  1. webmeasurement Says:

    Day 1 after integration:
    After analyzing the first results I am convinced that something is wrong with Clickdensity. I had a large amount of clicks in an area, which is totally of the main site. This is really strange. On the other side, my own clicks were actually tracked right. I will test a few more weeks and post the results

  2. Jonathan Stoneman Says:


    Thank you for trialling clickdensity, I’m very sorry you are experiencing problems with it. If you provide me with your account details, I will look into the problem for you. You can contact me either via the contact form on the website ( or by e-mailing Just your username or the address of the site that you have set it up on is all that I require.

    From your description of the problem, I think it may be related to the setting of the keyElement variable if you have a centered web site. There are some instructions that may be of use to you here:

    Many thanks,


  3. webmeasurement Says:


    Thanks for your help and support. I really appreciate it.
    You found exaclty the issue. Most clicks on the heat map appeared not right and about 40-50 Pixel to the left. I used your Centred templates help and it seems to work fine now. I really enjoy the heat maps. They look better than most of the heat maps that I have seen so far.

  4. pawel Says:

    Nice way of presenting geolocation data. Cool presentation, especially for free sites. Thanks!

  5. pawel Says:

    Interesting set of guidelines. I agree that tv or radio are most difficult to track online - you have so little time that it’s very difficult to pass anything outside of the company homepage.

    However for e.g. press ads having marcom url - seems like good choice.

    You can look at my post comparing pros and cons of various ways of presenting this (focused on print):

    Thanks for interesting thoughs on it. BTW - what is Goofle offline print Ad?

  6. webmeasurement Says:

    Thanks for your input! Great ideas at your blog!

    Currently most of the advertisers use boring suffixes. I still don’t like the idea. Your Mac example is is probably the best approach. It would make sense to use instead of

    Regarding Google print ads my posting is not up to date. It seems that they have ended the test phase:

  7. djchuang Says:

    Excellent insightful objective comparison. Now, would you have any tips on how to explain these technically nuanced differences to those non-techies, as often vendors and executives alike would rely on Alexa ranking, when in fact, those numbers are only valid as a comparative trend to other websites, and not very valid for websites not in the top 150,000 trafficked?

  8. It’s a Web-traffic-counting traffic jam » Mathew Ingram: Says:

    [...] Stagnating, doubling — tomato, tomahto, right? To his credit, Marshall goes out of his way to note that while Hitwise is a “respected” traffic analysis firm, numbers are all over the map — and he links to the other Marshall’s critique of the field. The simple fact is that Hitwise, Comscore, Nielsen and Alexa all use different methodologies (a good description here) and as a result they are not just talking about apples and oranges, they are talking about apples and oranges and plums and peaches. [...]

  9. wächst und wächst - und wird abgeschaltet? | Says:

    [...] Auch ganz beeindruckend ist die Tatsache, dass der Serverpark seit der Übernahme durch Yahoo von 20 auf 100 Maschinen erweitert wurde. Einen genaueren Blick in die verschiedenen Zahlen und zählweisen kann man bei webanalytics werfen. [...]

  10. max Says:

    There’s a place to discuss particular AOL users and their queries:

  11. martina Says:

    top 100 factors on which adsense earnings depends

  12. Adsense Blogs » Make easy Adsense money with private group postings Says:

    [...] Original post by webmeasurement and software by Elliott Back [...]

  13. dis Says:

    Looks like all amazon domains are down ( , .fr, etc..)

  14. » Blog Archive » Heatmaps homemade and free! Says:

    [...] Since Crazyegg and other heatmap services got a lot of media attention, a smart guy  and some of his friends build their own heatmap solution. [...]

  15. world according to ack ~ adam karas » Web Stats Are Broken Says:

    [...] Webanalyticsbook added some graphs and a good summary of the main companies that guess traffic. Alexa: Alexa data is collected via the Alexa browser toolbar, which is obviously more often installed on tech interested users, than on average Joe’s computer. This means that more tech relevant users on your site increase the chance that your Alexa rank increases. Also software programmes like Alexabooster can easily “boost” your rank . Alexa only gives you an idea or a trend, but will never be accurate. [...]

  16. webmeasurement Says:

    Here a video of the press conference:

  17. Greg Stuart Says:

    FYI, it’s not $85 billion wasted, it’s $112 billion. Which is 37% of the total estimated advertising spending. It’s a real problem.
    Greg Stuart

  18. webmeasurement Says:

    Thanks for your update. I picked up the numbers from Adage, which probably were wrong.
    The Book is already ordered and hopefully I will get it within the next 3 days.

  19. Techcrunch » Blog Archive » ComBOTS is easy VOIP and file transfer for your avatars Says:

    [...] Thanks to the fabulous Tim Bonnemann for the heads up on this launch. Sebaastian Wenzel also blogged about this a few days prior and let us know about it prior to the post above. ComBOTS [...]

  20. » Blog Archive » Virgin Atlantic Airways has chosen Webtrends Says:

    [...] Original post by webmeasurement and software by Elliott Back [...]

  21. Nielsen data as inaccurate as Alexa data? « Says:

    [...] As mentioned before Alexa has the problem, that it collects traffic with the Alexa toolbar, which is usually used by webmasters or technical interested users. This obviously caused technical related websites to rank higher than non-technical websites (Just google NYTimes vs. [...]

  22. scott Says:

    Most likely it was not the NYT that posted the ad but rather an affiliate marketer that advertises for the NYT. While I’m no fan of the New York Times (as I see them as a propaganda arm of the left that has been know to “make up” news ala Jason Blair and others) in this case NYT likely had nothing to do with this ad.

  23. Chris Says:

    I was involved with another web analytics company you don’t mention (funny, since I believe it’s larger than the three you do mention). The biggest problem is that even with huge sample sizes, for sites below the top few thousand, you’re still dealing with a very small numbers of accesses among your sample, so it’s impossible to accurately extrapolate to the whole population with any confidence, even if you’re statistically tweaking the results based on demographics as Comscore does.

  24. J Says:

    More food for thought:
    NetRatings and Comscore use a panel of 30k and 100k respectively, and both use web widgets to capture data without using cookies. Hitwise uses non-widget software and online panels. (Would like to know the type of ISPs are that Hitwise has contracts with - 1st tier or 2nd tier etc). Hitwise does not currently capture anything after the domain name (I understand): No /home, no /myarea?pw=123 etc. Hitwise does track University originating traffic as well as Home and Work. NetRatings does not track University originating info because they say its complicated and/or expensive to be sufficiently accurate.

  25. Webanalyticsbook Says:

    Thanks for your input!
    Regarding university traffic it is interesting to see how these companies manage different countries. It is hard to believe that universities in central Europe give out any data. Privacy is a big issue and private companies will never have access to this data. The question remains: Which of these companies can really help determing the needs of the advertising industry and deliver accurate numbers.

  26. Comscore data confirms reports of 100 Million Youtube “streams” « Says:

    [...] What does this tell us? Youtube is massive, but Comscore needs to be more accurate. How about measuring  videos in minutes/hours and not in streams. Posted by webmeasurement Filed in Comscore [...]

  27. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Webanalyst needed for 190k+ Says:

    [...] Since big controversial discsussions about numbers (Comscore vs. Hitwise vs. Alexa vs. everybody else) I believe the highest demanded jobs are webanalysts. My highlight happened last week, when a friend of mine referred me to these numbers: [...]

  28. Patrick Says:

    Just an FYI that I hope you get.

    I’ve been reading your blog on wordpress which you recently shut down. You provided a link on that site to this site. I’ve been trying to a week to get to this new URL using that link which on first glance appears to be correct.

    Today I happened to notice that the URL you are using has 4 W’s (i.e. You might want to fix it so others will find their way here.


  29. Jennifer LeClaire Says:

    You’re right. We believe Web analytics is coming of age. Large enterprises and ambitious affiliate marketers have been tapping into these tools for a long while, but the mainstreaming of Web analytics is upon us. With Google and Microsoft getting into the game, how could it not? It will be interesting to see how it pans out over the coming months.

  30. Michael Says:

    ClickTracks is welcoming agencies and consultants through a eight-step certification program. See for the details.


  31. sebastian.wenzel Says:

    Thanks Michael. I will look into this.

  32. sebastian.wenzel Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely review the book!

  33. sebastian.wenzel Says:

    MyBlogLog is live and I really enjoy it. The tracking is not accurate, but the community functionality is great.

  34. Michael Says:

    THanks for covering the live overview session. ClickTracks also teaches monthly free online classes on basic online marketing, SEO and web analytics. These are low/no pitch classes often taught by known authors and bloggers. The next class is sort of a “PPC 101″ class. You can check it out here:


  35. sebastian.wenzel Says:

    Thanks for the heads up

  36. Frank Says:

    Hallo Sebastian,

    Glückwunsch zum ersten deutschsprachigen Blog zum Thema Web Analytics. Freu’ mich auf weitere interessante Texte und Informationen.

    Beste Grüsse,

  37. sebastian.wenzel Says:

    Hi Frank,
    Vielen Dank fuer Dein Feedback. Ich koennte ja Eure Firma auf dem Blog gratis featuren. Wie waere es mit einem Interview?

  38. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Visualizing and analyzing a Web 2.0 community Says:

    [...] In the last few months I wrote several times about Web 2.0 analytics, mentioning the Social Network Analysis , the Socialmeter or my own strange/sick/false ideas about measuring user generated content. [...]

  39. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Visualizing and analyzing a Web 2.0 community Says:

    [...] In the last few months I wrote several times about Web 2.0 analytics, mentioning the Social Network Analysis , the Socialmeter or my own strange/sick/false ideas about measuring user generated content. [...]

  40. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Visualizing and analyzing a Web 2.0 community Says:

    [...] In the last few months I wrote several times about Web 2.0 analytics, mentioning the Social Network Analysis , the Socialmeter or my own strange/sick/false ideas about measuring user generated content. [...]

  41. Frank Says:

    Oh hey,

    cool, gerne. Du hast ja meine eMail-Adresse. Die Homepage und damit die Telefonnr. findest Du unter der entsprechenden Domain.

    Beste Grüsse,

  42. admin Says:

    Ich werde mich melden sobald es soweit ist. Danke fuer das Angebot!

  43. Web Analytique » Omniture rachète Instadia ! Says:

    [...] Alors, d’où viendra la prochaine secousse médiatique ? Microsoft avec son Google-Analytics-killer ‘Gatineau’ ? Une mise à jour profonde de Google Analytics ? Un outil hybride HBX / Visual Science ? Un outil de statistiques pour Alexa ? Le rachat de Clicktracks par WebTrends ? (Je vous laisse distinguer les rumeurs des fantaisies !) [...]

  44. Luc Says:

    Title should read “comScore” Media Metrix
    … not Nielsen Media Metrix
    (NielsenNetRatings being a competitor of comScore’s)

  45. admin Says:

    Thanks Luc, I screwed up. Happens once in a while ;-)

  46. Alex Says:

    Sorry mate, phrases like “And you need to get it too!” or “the new Excel is just incredible” makes me feel as if I’m reading an advertisement. None of your other posts I’ve followed recently had this marketing touch.

    I think your niche was nice and interesting. However, you advertising products is not why I added your feed to my Google Reader.

    Goodbye and if you have some interest in keeping your visitors don’t do marketing, do science.

  47. admin Says:

    Thanks for your honest words and I am sorry to see you go.
    I can assure you that I am not affiliated with any MS office related people and I don’t get any commission. If I want to promote a prdouct, I would do this in a much smarter way.
    I also believe Microsoft doesn’t need my help.

    As said in the post, I just like the new Excel 2007 product and I believe it finally has the ability to create much better stats.

  48. Clint Says:

    While I’m flattered that you chose a visualization that I created for your post, I find it a bit misleading because that particular exercise doesn’t require Excel 2007 - it can (and was done) in Excel 2003.

    Additionally, couple of folks whose opinion I trust about data visualization aren’t so upbeat about Excel 2007 (neither am I).

    Juice Analytics on Excel 2007
    Stephen Few on Excel 2007

  49. admin Says:

    I am glad you are flattered and thanks for letting me use your great tachometer! I will add your site to my Links channel in order to make up for it ;-)
    The impression that you got from the main Tacho pic was wrong and I probably should have used another screenshot as the main picture, because you could not do this stuff in Excel 2003. Your’s just looked better for an webanalytics blog!

    It is obvious that the “Tachometer” doesn’t need Excel 2007, but the new style galleries and a massive expansion of functionality made my(!) life much easier.
    -Rows and capacity(Instead of 60.000 rows you now can use about 1.000.000 rows).
    - CUBEKPIMEMBER function
    - Smarter graphics, esp. color schemes

    If you are a high-end user (as you and your folks seem to be), I am sorry to have stepped on your toes. For the “average” webanalyst I still believe the new Excel is great.

  50. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Venturebeat “beats” webanalytics industry again Says:

    [...] Matt Marshall at Venturebeat seems not to stop beating up the webanalytics industry. Last time he spoke about the industry during the famous Digg vs. “fight” and I responded. [...]

  51. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Venturebeat “beats” webanalytics industry again Says:

    [...] But what I don’t like is the bashing of new Alexa competitors. These competitors are only a few months in the market and nobody should expect, that Compete or Quantcast deliver accurate data for millions of websites. These companies just build a brand new system with high profile engineers as well as statistics professors and in my opinion a little patience can be expected. The Google search engine needed some time to be sophisticated as well, so why not give these companies time to come up with a better solution than Alexa currently provides. [...]

  52. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Venturebeat “beats” webanalytics industry again Says:

    [...] But what I don’t like is the bashing of new Alexa competitors. These competitors are only a few months in the market and nobody should expect, that Compete or Quantcast deliver accurate data for millions of websites. These companies just build a brand new system with high profile engineers as well as statistics professors and in my opinion a little patience can be expected. The Google search engine needed some time to be sophisticated as well, so why not give these companies time to come up with a better solution than Alexa currently provides. [...]

  53. Chris Meil » Periodensystem zur Visualisierung Says:

    [...] Durch einen Blogpost aus dem Toolblog bin ich auf das Periodensystem der Visualiserung (bitte dort nach unten Scrollen!) aufmerksam geworden. Diese System gibt über 100 Empfehlungen, wann welche Darstellungsvariante, wie z.B. Blogdiagramm, Radar Chart oder  Kreisdiagramm, zum Einsatz kommen sollten. Eine PDF Datei (englisch, 6 Seiten) beschreibt zudem Aufbau und Hintergründe der Periodentabelle. Wer jetzt noch ein Tool sucht, um online ansprechende Diagramme zu erzeugen sollte sich mal create a graph anschauen. Vielleicht ist das bald nicht mehr notwendig, so wie es aussieht bietet Excel 2007 nun endlich ansprechende Diagramme. [...]

  54. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Measuring Podcasts Says:

    [...] [If you don’t have time listening to the 30 min podcast, find here a summary.] In addition to the Interview, feel free to read my post about podcast tracking some time ago.  Tags:Cartalk measuring podcasts NPR radio podcast tracking [...]

  55. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Social network tracking Says:

    [...] Whosonmypage is a social network tracker that pretty much works like other “reverse tracking solutions“, that I believe are one of the most user appreciated Web 2.0 inventions. [...]

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    [...] « Wunderloop - wunderkind webanalytics [...]

  57. The Commerce360 Blog Says:

    Omniture Discover 2.0 (D2) Announced…

    I first saw Omniture Discover 2.0 (or D2 as they affectionately call it) about a month ago, and have been playing with it for about three weeks. It’s an extremely impressive and useful tool in many ways, although I must……

  58. Says:

    I noticed the same thing the other day (and posted about it). It’s nice to see that Alexa finally got some updates to the amount of information they provide.

  59. admin Says:

    I totally agree. Still there are some rumors up, that Alexa will come out with an individual solution for everybody. So far they kind of waste their market leading potential.

  60. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Webanalyst salary Says:

    [...] I posted about the high demand for webanalysts , webanalyst salaries, and also opened a webanalyst job board. Still I am not really happy with the results when it comes to detailed info about the salary. Especially after Webmetricsguru’s impressions and conclusions from the Omniture’s D2 event, I wanted to know how many experienced people are out there, that exactly can work with D2 (or Visual science) and how much does a company have to pay them in order to get them in there company. Here a not scientific approved  disappointing approach: salary calculator: [...]

  61. Webanalyticsbook » Blog Archive » Webanalyst salary Says:

    [...] I posted about the high demand for webanalysts , webanalyst salaries, and also opened a webanalyst job board. Still I am not really happy with the results when it comes to detailed info about the salary. Especially after Webmetricsguru’s impressions and conclusions from the Omniture’s D2 event, I wanted to know how many experienced people are out there, that exactly can work with D2 (or Visual science) and how much does a company have to pay them in order to get them in the company. Here a not scientific approved disappointing approach: salary calculator: [...]

  62. webprofessor Says:

    Clicktracks seminars are pretty good. I really enjoy using their product.

  63. admin Says:

    I agree webprofessor!
    To listen to Avinash will definitely be a highlight of the week.

  64. webprofessor Says:

    I have been really happy with the data I have gotten out of those source as well. I think the root of the complaints lies in the fact that most people don’t understand what quantitiative analysis is. That ignorance makes them demand qualitative tools and results out of everything.

    Personally I hope a majority of people stay ignorant.

  65. webprofessor Says:

    Also I think Spyfu is a kick ass analytics tool as well. Getting an insight on peoples PPC spending is invaluable.

  66. Webanalyticsbook Says:

    I agree. Spyfu is definitely something users should keep in mind. Unfortunately it hasn’t been covered too much.

  67. Webanalyticsbook » Austrian Webanalytics association ÖWA suspends member Says:

    [...] I have written about the Austrian webanalytics war of the “Österreich” (newspaper) website vs. the Austrian webanalytics association “ÖWA” a few weeks ago: [...]

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    [...] Fragments from post at [...]

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  70. ProBlogger Meetup NYC - Recap » TechAddress Says:

    [...] Lara Kulpa (she has some great pics) Silence and Voice Jeffrey Keefer 1938 - Loren Feldman deVCeed - Minic Rivera Marios Alexandrou Elaine Vigneault shedwa Marshall Sponder Web Analytics Book I’m sure there are more - if you’ve posted about the meet up or have some pictures of it - I’d love to see them! [...]

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    [...] I recently came across an interesting post from Web Analytics Book where he looks to merge web analytics (and we can easily get smothered by all the stats that are made available to us) and he links it with some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). [...]

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    [...] Like Tapefailure and Clicktale,which are still in closed beta, Robotplay records and plays back visitor sessions for any website, corporate site or blog. The recorded sessions show how visitors interact with a website — every mouse movement, keystroke, where users click, how far down the page they scroll and how long they stay on a site. Robotplay also enables users to watch visitor sessions on their live site, instead of in movies. [...]

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    [...] When I talked to one of the Yahoo guys at the Yahoo searchlight awards a few weeks ago, it seemed that they did not have any plans of buying a web analytics provider and they are entirely (!) satisfied with Panama “analytics” for their customers. I had a hard time to believe that, but it seems that the Yahoo product manager was honest: [...]

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    [...] I recently posted about Ask Jeeves campaign about “the algorithm that killed Jeeves“. [...]

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    [...] Web Analytics Book > [...]

  78. Rick Lee Says:

    I’m hacked off. It appears that the new system takes away services from the free version. I can no longer get graphs of daily, weekly, yearly etc.

  79. Says:

    Great, I’m always using sitemeter as a tracker on all of my site.
    One of them is my personal web :
    The statistics is very accurate for tracking website’s activities.
    I hope in the future they improving detect out click at advertisements such as AdSense and YPN.

  80. Joe Vandal Says:

    I appreciate the work they put into upgrading…

    buuuut I actually liked the green statistics graphs they used to have much more than the newer orange stat bars.

    The reason? Not color, but because the old graphs used continuous lines, while the new graphs are distinct “skyscraper” bars.

    Visually speaking, the old continuous style was a better and easier visual read.

    Let’s hope they go back to the continuous style (no matter the color) or at least give an option to select your style.

  81. Sue Says:

    Congratulations on the new interface. It looks classy and elegant.

  82. Peter Cooper Says:

    And in the meantime, I can’t view my stats, lol. Main page is fine but whenever you click into a category of stats, you go to some weird page with ads and news on it. Someone broke SiteMeter me thinks :)

  83. Emilio Says:

    All I know is that it was OK as it stood and now it’s not working anymore. Who wants unsolicited improvements that don’t work?

  84. Emilio Says:

    Alright, ignore my previous message. I had to log in again and now it’s working.

  85. Scott Says:

    One of the promises to paying customers of Site Meter was that it is “ad free”.

    Now we have to look at humongous ads at the top of every page after we log in, which causes you to have to scroll down to view the very data that we are paying for.

    Looks like it might be time to find something to replace Site Meter.for my sites.

  86. Sarah Says:

    I’m all about giving time for upgrades, but I can’t even find anything that shows me what the new tool will provide. I don’t care for the new graphics, AND I have banner ads loading on every site.. isn’t that why I went premium?

    Not a happy camper. But willing to give time. :)

  87. Mauigirl52 Says:

    My issue is that I have 3 blogs with three different sitemeter accounts (all free) and it used to be that I’d get my main page and then I could click on “location” and see where my hits are coming from. Now it works on the first page but when you click on “location” it goes to the stats for whichever of my 3 blogs I’ve last logged into on Sitemeter. (When I didn’t used to have to log in at all to see these stats). So it’s very annoying to have to log out of sitemeter, then find my user name and password from my old e-mail from them, and then log in just to see that information.

    Is this being fixed, does anyone know?

  88. melanie Says:

    I really don’t like the new set-up. I have a number of sitemeters for a variety of sites, and now I have to log in and log out each time I try to view one. Before I could view any of them without logging in.

  89. Suresh Says:

    I liked it the way it was. Now I can’t get the monthly report or any of the other reports. I don’t mind the ads but don’t take away functions.

  90. Steve Says:

    It’s terrible that they make you log in now to see who is visiting even though I have it set to public. I lost my password and they haven’t sent me a new one. What a disaster. I would switch to Google Analytics but then I would have to start at zero traffic. I might switch anyway.

  91. admin Says:

    My 2 unimportant cents:
    It’s day one of this major re-launch! Give it a week or two and you will be happy again. A banner here or a login problem there is not bad at all. I saw high-end web analytics solutions, that charge $100k+ per year going down for a few days and loosing all the data. As long as your data is recorded, you are fine.

  92. Web Analytics Demystified » Blog Archive » More feedback from the blogging community about my new company Says:

    [...] Sebastian Wenzel at Web Analytics Book wishes me luck and speculates that I’ll be plenty busy soon. [...]

  93. Mikel S. Says:

    Wow, that’s weird. I’ve seen two such boards, one in Jersey, one in New York. One said “The Algorithm Killed Jeeves” (Jersey), the other said “The Algorithm Came From Jersey”(New York).

    I looked it up, and apparently there is a THIRD! “The Algorithm Is Banned In China.” Never seen it though…

  94. admin Says:

    Here an official statement. First fix is on it’s way:

    We are working on a fix to correct the problem with ads displaying within a premium account.

  95. Scott Says:

    You launch things in beta mode first — not expect paying folks to put up with gross errors like this — even for a day — especially without even warning them by email or anything in advance (and not responding to ANY support emails, etc.)

    Really sloppy, sitemeter.

  96. Webanalyticsbook » Linkedin adds reverse hotlist tracking Says:

    [...] written about the reverse hotlist function before and in my eyes it is one of the best features  a social network should have.  Linkedin [...]

  97. Holger Says:

    This Chatstat thingy looks quite interesting, but it seems to available for Windows only. I guess I will have to wait until it works with Linux (or Mac). As I understand it, it is running within the browser (either IE or Firefox), so I don’t get it why it has to be an .exe.

  98. Radar 10/05/07 at analistaCRM Says:

    [...] Google Analytics no es la única aplicación que cambia de cara y amplía funcionallidades. ( Y falta le hacía)  Vía webanalytics book                                                                                             [...]

  99. benry Says:

    Thanks for the kind comments on the post and coverage. EMetrics was fantastic.

  100. Webanalyticsbook » Exploring the Ebay crowd Says:

    [...] cheapest ways to receive quality traffic. Especially when you can use Ebay tracking solutions like Infopia. Tags: This entry was posted on Friday, May 18th, 2007 at 7:06 am and is filed under Marketing. [...]

  101. Christian Scholz Says:

    I am here and there using it but I also must say that feature-wise it’s not more then e.g. Google Analytics. Even less as you cannot set goals for instance. Probably more but I am not too deep into any of them.

    (maybe the live tracking feature is something different where you can watch who is on if you assigned names to them although I don’t really know how to do that ;-) )

  102. Webanalyticsbook Says:

    Thanks Christian,

    Your are right on:
    Live tracking is something that Google Analytics is missing. Let’s see how Feedburner will affect their Analytics tool.

  103. My Urban Garden Deco Guide Says:

    Yep seems a bit demotivatig but are there better alternative ad sources ? Should one sublmit site to specialised media agencies???

  104. admin Says:

    Textlinkads, Reviewme, Agencies, Azoogle Ads, Affiliate networks, Adbrite…or do it yourself. It all depnds on your traffic. Good luck!

  105. Rothemund » Blog Archive » Webanalytics Tools Says:

    [...] you a good overview. I read about reinvigorate, a webanalytics tool which is still in beta, on (why the hell is a search missing on that blog? I had to use Google to find the post about [...]

  106. Dennis R. Mortensen Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    We are working together with a company called “Tribal” - where one of the employees did this:

    Which is essentially a public version of what shoemoney have done. (FYI: I am not affiliated with it - I think it is cool though.. he he)


    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools
    My Web Analytics Blog

  107. admin Says:


    Looks pretty good. I’ll add it to the tools list.


  108. Billy Says:

    Search status is quite powerful, consider it also displays page rank, data alongside alexa. When you right click on the Q, all the other nifty tools come up. Enabling the Highlight No Follow is neat.

  109. Dylan Lewis Says:


    The link you provided seems to be broken - this is where I found the toolbar:

    Thanks for the tip!

    Dylan Lewis

  110. Jacob Share Says:

    I’ve been using SearchStatus for some time now and I like it but it’s somewhat buggy in the current release. Depending on where you choose to have it display itself - I tried in my Diigo toolbar and right side of statusbar - it sometimes doesn’t appear at all once the browser loads. I’ve settled on it in the left side of my statusbar and so far no problems there.

  111. admin Says:

    Thanks for the answers. I will fix the link.

  112. dr video menu Says:

    Webmasters should NOT use Google Analytics but many have no choice. Before Google baught Urchin, that product was over $250 per month to use, so for many websites, there is value to the free product. Competitive products still cost that much or more money, here is the catch. If you pay for the service the data is yours, when you use Google you give them permission to use your data, so it by no means a free service, you trade your data for the service. It is still a good value but hopefully your competitors wont get to see it too.

  113. Webanalyticsbook » M-pathy Says:

    [...] which records mouse movements, clicks and keyboard activity.  M-pathy works pretty much like Tapefailure , Robotreplay and Clicktale. It will be interesting to see, who is able to pull of the best [...]

  114. Bill Hartzer Says:

    Clickable is actually a pretty cool service. They have a few different features that other services/software packages don’t have, and you’re right, you have to actually use it to completely understand it.

  115. admin Says:

    I will definitely test it out…once I have an account. An alternative to the Atlas and Co. is always welcome!

  116. Billy Says:

    The immigration laws are indeed due for a change in the US. And good for Microsoft in expanding their operations outside of the US to meet their human resource needs.

  117. aribowo Says:

    i think microsoft will win this battle

  118. DJ Says:

    Could it be yet another acquisition by the far superior Omniture?

    They did sell an additional $126 million in stocks a month or so ago to raise additional venture capital.

  119. admin Says:

    For Omniture it probably would make sense and their pricing was always pretty similiar, which always made me wonder if they already worked together.
    But do they really have the money to take over their biggest competitor? I am still betting on Yahoo, which currently doesn’t have much to offer and is unlike Microsoft not developing an own web analytics solution. Additionally with the acquisition of Right Media, they have a big client database, who should be interested in Visual Sciences.

  120. Ad Tracker Says:

    I agree. That may be the single most useless tool I’ve seen in a while. The sad thing is someone put alot of effort into developing it. For what? Yes, you can find buzz words but isn’t that what buzz is? You don’t need a tool to track it because it’s obvious. Things that make you go…hmmm.

  121. Lars Says:

    There will be a sequel to the podcast about web analytics in Europe. =)

  122. miro Says:

    what is more concerning is the concentration of power that google will enjoy
    cookies are readily dealt with via many common methods

    if we had this kind of media concentration - everyone would be up in arms
    but for some reason the internet doesnt count

    while i mention the internet

    why is it that the i in internet is capitalized in spell checks like a proper name???

    My $0.02

  123. WordPress Traffic Advice Says:

    It will be really nice to see a javascript based solution at Alexa. Clearly, there are niches in which audience are not tech savvy enough, and very few of them have Alexa tool bar installed. Having such functionality available at a side wide level and then making the stats publicly comparable at a standard platform is a dream come true for a number of publishers.

    The problem with other free stats provider is that they are either not popular enough or they don’t provide a ranking mechanism. The ranking mechanism is a must for publishers to attract advertisers.

  124. Webanalyticsbook » Sparky - Alexa for Firefox Says:

    [...] They call it “Sparky”. Sparky has even more functionalities thanthe unofficial Alexa toolbar (for Firefox). It is a great move, especially for Alexa users in [...]

  125. Webanalyticsbook » Bid management tools pro and contra - PPC2 Says:

    [...] my search for a PPC bid mangement tool or agency is now about 2 weeks old. I am not really in a rush, but it would be great to get a [...]

  126. pascal Says:

    For the clicks heatmap you can also test the latest version of the open source web analytics software phpmyvisites

    It works very well for the heatmap (demo on )

    and with this free app you control and own your data :)

  127. Matt Hopkins Says:


    On the topic of free vs. paid analytics I wrote a short article about the advantagtes and disadvantages of both.

    If you want to take a look, you can find it at



  128. Notiz-Blog » Wieder Bewegung in Microsofts Analyse Tool Says:

    [...] Erste ScreenhotsWebanalyticsbook hat erste Screenshots gefunden. [...]

  129. Notiz-Blog » Interessante Usersegmentierung von comScore Says:

    [...] Quelle: gefunden bei webanalyticsbook [...]

  130. Mruyunjay Says:


    Good to know that you are coming down to India, I live in Delhi. Co-founded JuxtConsult, we are a start up yet the leading online research & advisory company in India.

    It would be a pleasure if we can catch up sometime during your stay in India.


  131. admin Says:

    Hi Mrutynajy,

    I will shoot you an email and maybe we can meet. Funny to see that is one of your clients. I used the website a few times and it is excellent!


  132. FavHost Says:

    Seems alexasurf is no longer available. Shame as it was a great tool for PR.

  133. Ravi Says:

    Hi Sebastian,
    It is exciting to have you here in our country.
    I am a web analyst and work out of Bangalore. Do let me know if you plan to drop down any were near western or southern part of India.

    I would love to meet you.


  134. admin Says:

    Hi Ravi,

    I am in Delhi right now, but heading over to Rajasthan ….and Agra.
    Not sure if I come all the way down, but would love to do so. If I do, I definitely let you know.

    India is really !ncredible!

  135. Anil Umachigi Says:

    Hey Sebastian!

    Welcome to India! well yeah certainly one of it’s kind
    I know your on vacation! but if your down south to the “IT capital” Bangalore.
    I’ll shamelessly drop in to say hi! and hopefully you could meet the “small” community of Web Analyst from India.

    have a wonderful vacation

  136. Anil Says:

    It’s good to know your having some good time out here!
    bollywood star! now that’s interesting :)

  137. Ravi Says:

    Hi Sebastian,
    Are you planning to come to Gujarat. Thats my homestate, I am taking vacation there.

    Call me at +91-988-656-2617 if you have any plans to come anywhere near Gujarat State.

    I would love to be your host !! Let me know if you have any contact no.


  138. sheryl wardle Says:

    What are you gonna bring me???What did you get me???
    Just wanted to remind you of when you get home….lol

  139. Randolf Jorberg Says:

    fully agree. but there might be a lesson in it, specially for silicon valley based startups: INTERNATIONALIZE as fast as possible!

    german customers are lazy. most of them speak an acceptable level of english, but they’re not willing to use a platform that isn’t translated to german. basically all the copycats do nothing but rip the functionality of the ‘original’ and translate it. a few months or years down the road they sell to the highest bidder…
    alando = ebay
    studivz = facebook
    and many others…

  140. Luke Armour Says:

    That’s an interesting question, and one I would be hard-pressed to answer. I guess it depends on your results, how are we evaluating them?
    The other thing I want to mention is that Craig Newmark will actually be on BlogTalkRadio’s show InDaNo Monday, August 27 at 10ET Your readers and you can question him yourself to get to the bottom of your question. It’s a call-in show, streaming live from the ‘net and archived immediately after. Hope to see you there.
    Besides, who could forget most of the GoDaddy commercials?

  141. Patrick Says:

    The biggest problem is, that german consumers and users much faster than the german publishers. They want networks like Facebook, but the networks do not internationalize fast enough. That’s why we have that much low-quality-I-Just-want-to-make-money-networks.

    Best wishes

  142. User Generated Content in Virtual Worlds - How important is it? « Virtueality ~ Pranab Says:

    [...] Web Analytics Article on “User Generated Content starts small then [...]

  143. Patrick Says:

    I think you have missed Reinvigorate. I’ve tried it a couple of weeks ago and written a short review in german. But I think you can read it.

    Thanks for the overview

  144. webprofessor Says:

    That map is wicked cool man.

  145. Anita Campbell Says:

    Thank you for the comprehensive list. I will be writing about it and linking to it.

    If I might offer a few suggestions in the interests of improving something that is already terrific:

    On IE7 the comments field is about one-half an inch wide under each solution, making it difficult to read the comments.

    Also, if you could alphabetize your list it would make it much easier to find a particular solution.

    Finally, could you add some verbiage to explain how you rated them as medium, medium+, etc.? I’d like the benefit of your insights.


  146. admin Says:

    Hi Anita,
    Thanks for your posting. Your ideas are great and will be deployed.
    Regarding your question: I sorted the different solutions based on their
    functionalities. Some of the solutions are great, but cannot really used for a business: E.G. Google Analytics has a lot of functinalites, but it is not a high-end solution, b/c there is not too much support. Still it is most probably much better than a lot of other solutions.

  147. Patrick Says:

    This book is really awesome. I read the german version a couple of months ago and I agree it is one of the best books I ever read.

  148. Webanalyticsbook » Microsoft Gatineau will officially be demoed in Bruxells - Sept. 14th Says:

    [...] order to view a few Gatineau screenshots, click here. Tags:Gatineau microsoft t peterson web analytics This entry was posted on Wednesday, [...]

  149. Michael Julson Says:

    Yep, great book. I think you meant Rogue Economist, unless he’s into studying cosmetics.

  150. Bryan Eisenberg Says:

    I love that you are willing to provide recognition for the top contributors to your community. It is important for people to sense some form of recognition. However, my concern would be that people’s motivations for contributing will be altered by posts like this that offer “free” links. On GrokDotCom we removed the no-follow attribute from all comments a while ago but have not publicized it. I believe any one who contributes to our conversation deserves a link back. I am just not sure that publicizing ensures the best possible dialog. Just my $ .02 :-)

  151. the constant skeptic Says:

    neat way to generate comments… great blog.


  152. admin Says:


    Fully agree. It’s not the best way to increase comments and I probably should not post about it.
    I did not even do it in order to increase comments. Probably like Grokdotkom, all I want is giving people some linklove back. If it turns out that users write nonsense, I certainly will switch it off. Time will tell :-)

  153. Bryan Eisenberg Says:

    Please let us know how it works out.

  154. datacharmer Says:

    I’m definitely for spreading the linklove!

  155. Patrick Says:

    I switched off all “No-Follow”-Stuff in my Blog, which causes in the typical “great post”-comments. But over time some good dialogues were started through the comments.
    I think over time the comments will increase by themselves. You do not need to post about it.

    I started to review the blogs from frequent commenters and readers and gave them some linklove in this way.


  156. Patrick Says:

    Definitely interesting, but I Think $ 1.000 per month is too much for SMB’s.

  157. Webanalyticsbook » Site Abandonment happens before users reach the shopping cart form Says:

    [...] going into details). They should als be held responsible why designers think that webanalysts are notoriously unreliable! Tags: This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 12th, 2007 at 12:30 pm and is filed [...]

  158. Patrick Says:

    Lol, that show’s it is not worth to invest in tool evaluation. Better hire a goog analyst.

    Cheers from Hamburg

  159. » Screenshots of Microsoft Gatineau, A Potential Google Analytics Killer || Pulse 2.0: Web 2.0 Reviews & Profiles || » Blog Archive Says:

    [...] The idea is close to going Beta from closed Alpha at a time that Google Analytics is repairing speed issues.  One of the tricks that Microsoft is using to collect data for analytical purposes is by monitoring Live IDs (previously known as Microsoft Passports) according to WebAnalyticsBook. [...]

  160. Patrick Says:

    Nice stuff, but no support for german blogs. But I will test it for a week and look at the results. A switch for the language would be fine.

  161. admin Says:

    Get a few developers and launch the same in Europe.

  162. Adam Taylor Says:

    Sorry for the completely off topic comment but on your books page your missing web analytics: an hour a day

    If you haven’t read it, you must, it’s brilliant!

  163. admin Says:

    Bought the book, but I am still working on finishing “Founders at work”, which is unbelievable good.

  164. One-click hosting - the forgotten Web 2.0 child Says:

    [...] You can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here [...]

  165. Blogrush - nach dem Hype folgt die Ernüchterung | Webanalyse & SEO - News Says:

    [...] Mag auch sein, dass es an der Sprache liegt. Viel besser Erfahrungen hat aber auch Sebastian vom Webanalyticsbook nicht gemacht. Für mich heißt es daher erst mal Abschied nehmen von Blogrush. Evtl. probiere ich [...]

  166. Patrick Says:

    I totally agree. Blogrush is not worth the space in sidebar and blogspeed isn’t even better. I have deleted blogrush today and try blogspeed a couple of days but don’t have hope that it drives any traffic on my site.

  167. Anita Campbell Says:

    Widgets are great. But one of the problems with a widget that just displays other people’s blog headlines is that it seems too much like an ad block, but without the benefit of paying you like ads do.

    Plus, if it’s just going to have titles on it, then writing great titles is crucial. Most people don’t write good titles. Your titles are pretty good, but I am looking at one on the BlogRush widget and it is entitled “Hey There!” Maybe some people would click on such a title, but not me.

  168. admin Says:


    I agree with you and you make a good point with the comparison to an ad block.
    I am not even sure if titles will ever make a big difference. The average blogger puts the widget in the lower right hand side of his website. Eyetracking studies show, that this is one of the worst spots on the site. I highly doubt, that there will be a CTR higher than 0.5%.

  169. Webanalyticsbook » Rumors: Gatineau beta to launch October 2007 Says:

    [...] solution, has been demoed by Ian Thomas about 2 weeks ago in Bruxelles. You can find first screenshots of Gatineau here. Over the last few months, several people telling me that Gatineau will launch this [...]

  170. Webanalyticsbook » Cloning olympics Says:

    [...] have written before about my feelings about the cloning business in Germany. Today I got surprised about the dimensions that these [...]

  171. Webanalyticsbook » Google Analytics for your desktop Says:

    [...] If you are not happy with it, also try Dashalytics. [...]

  172. Gatineau Beta Launch im Oktober 2007 | Webanalyse & SEO - News Says:

    [...] Sebastian vom Webanalyticsbook soll der Launch von Microsofts Web Analytics Tool Gatineau nun definitiv im Oktober 2007 [...]

  173. webprofessor Says:

    - I want a robot that will pour a beer with a perfect head too!
    - Do the clones usually end up on ebay?

  174. admin Says:

    I’ve got one of the robots in my backyard. I will send it to you :-)

    I guess there is only a handful of German clones, that sold out, but nowadays I doubt that many of them will survive on the long run.

    Still I wish them all the best!

  175. Vittorio Says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

  176. S.Hamel Says:

    Good post! At point 2, you should stress out that it’s not only describing the bug (”I got an error saying this & that”) but the steps that led to the problem (”I came on the site from Google search XYZ, clicked on the promo item, and when I tried to do the checkout I got error this & that”). Give as much detail as possible about the clicks and the values put in forms at each step of your visit. When describing a problem, avoid stating what “you” think is the issue and focus on facts.

    Stephane Hamel

  177. Vittorio Says:

    Great tutorial.

    Sometimes, it takes less time to record a short video of you reproducing the bug rather than taking several screenshots. I use Camtasia to do that and it is a real time saver.

    Also, if we are dealing with web applications, it is nice to ask our developers to include a custom error page that automatically sends an email to the developer every time there’s a bug, usually with the line of code that causes the problem, etc.

    And for client-side applications, a log file is of great help to the developer that needs to find out what caused the bug.

  178. admin Says:

    Agree! All the points you mention above are true. A video is actually a great idea. Thanks for the input!

  179. Mark Brown Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for mentioning in your blog.

    Much appreciated.

    Mark Brown Co-Owner

  180. google » Permanent Link to Urchin software upsets Google customers Says:

    [...] rslux wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptUrchin software upsets Google customers Seems like Google doesn’t care anymore about the old … :google urchin version 6 Posted in Google Analytics | Trackback | No Comments » October 5th, 2007 [...]

  181. Webanalyticsbook » Top 10 Mistakes that drive customers away Says:

    [...] covered this problem here [...]

  182. Chad Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    Going for AdTech? Drop me a line - I lived in Beijing for five years and can put you in touch with a lot of people if you’re interested.


  183. Webanalyticsbook » Delete “Form Abondonment rate” in your dictionary Says:

    [...] written about Site abandonment and Form abandonment before. There are different ways to drop form abandonment rates, but today I [...]

  184. Late Wednesday Night Speed Linking 10/10 Says:

    [...] if the user could be shown error messages as he is typing? This post on shopping cart abandonment shows you how to do [...]

  185. Chuck McKay Says:

    I agree with you. Anything Bryan Eisenberg is involved in will be top notch.

  186. Israel Jobs Says:

    I really enjoyed reading the book and have already recommended it other people who are in the hitech sphere but entrepreneurs in particular.


  187. Josh Says:

    Yeah, it’s a noteworthy moment in the analytics playing field; with big implications depending on what they do… Personally, I’m hoping for more free stuff :)

  188. My Ghillie » Permanent Link to Google Analytics upgrades Says:

    [...] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptGoogle Analytics upgrades A little bit late, but better than never: Google Analytics updates their system.  Here the new features:  I. Internal search “Simply edit any of your Google Analytics profiles to enable “Site Search” and you can find out what people [...]

  189. SEO in China Says:

    Great points! I am an internet marketer based in Shanghai, let me know if you ever need any help or look for a new partner :)

  190. Josh Says:

    Fun to hear about how things work somewhere else :)

  191. Avinash Kaushik Says:

    I am a huge fan of the Ted Talks but for some reason I had missed this one, it is a very insightful video. Thanks for sharing.


  192. Mruyunjay Says:

    Statistics don’t lie… people lie.

  193. Windows Vista News Says:

    Microsoft beta Gatineau not working for me…

    Did you see this post at

  194. Job Ireland Says:

    Google AdWords is overpriced. That is the fact. It started with a couple of cents. Today, you cannot get a click for any phrase in almost any market for that price. You get a few clicks, ut if you need traffic, you need volume, you will pay a multiplication of that price.

    The AdSense is even worse side of the story. Google AdSense publishers used to make about 75% of the revenue spent b the advertiser. And that was OK formula. Like any Agency Fee of 20% and 5% for handling the payments etc. Today it is the other way around. AdSense publishers get 25% of ht revenue from AdWords advertisers! No wonder the Google share price is so high!

  195. Weitere Gatineau Screenshots | Webanalyse & SEO - News Says:

    [...] hat seine ersten Erfahrungen zu Gatineau geposted und zeigt weitere Screenshots. Leider habe ich noch keinen Zugang und kann Euch keine [...]

  196. Alex Says:

    Hey Sebastian,

    Thanks for including my 1 month web analytics boot camp in your link round up.


  197. BMW-Expert... Says:

    It shows that you are an web analytics expert, not a bmw one… ;) )

    there is no 4series and 9series at leasst only as studies.

  198. Michael Woo Says:

    Prolly they (Google) just want some buzz so that their shares would go up the roof…

  199. admin Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! But a 9 series would be great!

  200. TechDune Says:

    I agree with you..I don’t care about Google PR

  201. Ron Patiro Says:

    It’s an honor to make it in the links. Thank you.

  202. poesur Says:

    Ja, Ja! I agree with your comments. It’s really a bourse of

    cats this Europe. For many years our countries were

    manipulated by a generation of ideologists, people who

    believed that they were the beginning of a kind of new era.

    The reality was least brilliant…
    Best regards,

  203. Jalaj Says:

    The text deleted (stike-through) above… whose “smart” decision was it anyways?

  204. admin Says:

    With almost 2 Master degrees on her record she certainly is smarter than me….still the strike-through is a result of her bossy attitude while I posted this post ;-)

  205. roelandp Says:

    Although not really mobile, but even more LBA and experimental too:

    Location Based Advertising: a cool adword experiment based on Gmaps, Yahoo Rest, Flickr Api and others. check it out at

    It’s somewhat like a showcase of a mashup about the mobile concept of ‘location based’ but than seen on the web. Click anywhere on the map of the world to get ads served up which (in most cases) are relevant to the location you clicked! See it for yourself!

    The Location Based Advertising experiment is now feeding Twitter and using Flickr too!

    > On the twitter-account ( unique clicks on the worldmap are being displayed in realtime.
    > Flickr might in most cases give back a GEO context relevant picture upon clicking the map.

    The Location Based Experiment runs on Google Maps, Yahoo Search Api, Geonames Api and Flickr Api.

    Check whether the info is geo-context relevant to you too!

    Check it all out at

    all best from amsterdam,

  206. TechDune Says:

    That’s a cool picture..Thanks

  207. admin Says:

    It’s a classic Casio C-98!

  208. Many Organizations Are Still Searching for Success Within the Web Analytics 1.0 Framework | Says:

    [...] over at believes that the web analytics industry hasn’t fully arrived yet. Do I agree? You bet! I’ve even written about this subject [...]

  209. Jalaj Says:

    I guessed it, wives are always boss. experience ;) .

  210. Marcos Richardson Says:

    I agree with you, as an analytics Vendor only a few of our clients are using our system to its full capability.

    I would even go as far as to say that there is an important trick being missed by the Web Analytics industry as a whole…


    A clear line of accountability can be established between the measurement and justification of benefit estimates of each marketing campaign and all digital business goals. Easily offset against the cost of the WebtraffIQ™ solution which includes the full investment in terms of your internal labour (personnel time) the cost of the WebtraffIQ™ licence, the cost of implementation and the cost of ongoing fees such as constancy and bespoke technical updating. We will agree a detailed time frame for your ROI on request.

    Marcos Richardson

  211. admin Says:

    @Marcos. That’s certainly another reason why companies get frustrated. I’ve never had such a response via email after a small post like this.

  212. Aseem Kishore Says:

    Thanks for the link back! Great blog you have here! Keep it up!

  213. Brian Keith Says:

    Thanks for the link! Any feedback on my article?


  214. the constantskeptic Says:

    hmmm… I am curious to know how you stumbled upon these sites in the first place….

  215. admin Says:

    A German magazine…which is maybe the reason why my tone is so negative. No seriously… I understand that this creates jobs and is out of a global perspective great, but it’s just not my style.

  216. S.Hamel Says:

    Seems like anyone involved with the web analytics community got an invite from them… My fear is also that it will clash with other initiatives. Plus, it didn’t tell me what I could get out of it, what are my benefits?

  217. Link Round Up | Digital Alex | Interactive Marketing Strategies, Web Analytics, Conversion and More | Alex L. Cohen | Alex Cohen Says:

    [...] Sebastian points us to Donna’s round-up of 5 heatmap tools. I’ve used CrazyEgg and it’s a nice extension of the site overlay feature. It’s a shame that these heatmaps don’t capture more than just clicks. [...]

  218. Courtney J Says:

    analyticsLife is not intended to compete with the WAA, rather it is a social networking community for web analytics professionals that also includes a job board. The added benefits of the site are the ability to collaborate with peers in chat rooms, discuss issues, network, blogs and gain additional expert resources.

  219. admin Says:

    Hi Courtney,

    Thanks for the input. I think that’s not the concern that you compete witht the WAA. I just know that the WAA works on a social network platform and there it might come to an overlap. It probably makes sense to work together.

  220. Courtney J Says:

    That is our hope as well. Thanks

  221. Webanalyticsbook » Web Interaction Analytics Company Clicktale gets funded Says:

    [...] like Robotreplay, probably hopes to get acquired by Omniture or Google (one of these days).  It might make sense, [...]

  222. Someone Says:

    Baidu is actually not widely used anywhere except China so it may have 70% of search … in China.But slightly less % when we’re looking on a whole planet.So, Google may have headaches on a Chinese market.Which is headache anyway due to heavy c3nz0®ship requirements which are real pain in the ass.Baidu f1lt3rz search results too much to be actually usable.If china ppls are ok with f1lt3rd view of the world that’s their own prob’s.Note: l33t-like language used only to screw chinese f1lt3®z (if any).

  223. New Digital Life » The Web Analytics Industry – 2007 Says:

    [...] from completion.The community of WAA is also developing, but a question still remains (mentioned at Shall we try to give WAA monopoly on Web Analytics definitions, communities and blogging or [...]

  224. Joost de Valk Says:

    Actually the first version of that plugin was released a day after the post by Avinash :) but thx for the kind words :)

  225. admin Says:

    Hey Joost,

    Next time read my blog! I postet about the blog metrics a half year ago. And some of Avinash’s stuff was included.
    Anyways….Great tool! Well done!

  226. Web Analytics Bloglinks der Woche (KW 50) | Webanalyse & SEO - News Says:

    [...] Mobile Web Analytics (Webanalyticsbook) [...]

  227. Gatineau Plugin für Wordpress | Says:

    [...] WebAnalyticsBook berichtet, hat SEO-Blooger Joost De Valk ein kostenloses Gatineau-Plugin für Wordpress entwickelt. Mit dem [...]

  228. Web Analytics Hersteller Marktanteile | Webanalyse & SEO - News Says:

    [...] Sebastian von hab ich eine interessant Übersicht der Marktanteile von Web Analytics Tool Herstellern [...]

  229. » Marktanteile der Webanalyse-Anbieter Says:

    [...] kompletten Beitrag gibt es unter dem folgenden Link: Kategorie: [...]

  230. Kelly Stuart Says:

    If you are interested in various metrics, check this web-site to learn more about Metrics

  231. Peter Says:

    Seitwert is a very nice tool. I wrote a little story about the seitwert-history of my homepage:

    (in german…)


  232. the constant skeptic Says:

    how long do you think it will take for internet use via a cell phone to take over the internet usage via a computer?

  233. Radar 10/05/07 « Javier Godoy Says:

    [...] Google Analytics no es la única aplicación que cambia de cara y amplía funcionallidades. ( Y falta le hacía) Vía webanalytics book [...]

  234. Joseph Carrabis Says:

    Hello and thanks for referencing my article. I’ll accept your statement that the web analytics industry hasn’t reached its peak yet. I’ll also accept that there might be advanced web analytics out there (people often think NextStage does web analytics. We tell them we don’t. They then assume we do “advanced” web analytics which is perhaps closer to the truth).
    To your point that companies haven’t touched all the information that’s available to them, Amen!
    Thanks again. Please let me know if there’s more or other on this topic you’d like me to write about.

  235. Michael Stone Says:


    Before the founders of Amethon start giving me a hard time, I should clarify that I am only the CEO!

    Thanks for adding this interview although most of the focus was on our other product (Content Fingerprinting). It was early days for Mobile Analytics and it is probably generating most of the opportunities for the business already!


    Michael Stone
    Chief Executive Officer
    Amethon Solutions

  236. web analytics Says:

    You might want to have a look at a still alpha open source web analytics software, and its API: there is a blog post about the API on

  237. admin Says:

    Hi Michael,
    I fixed it. I was in a rush and just posted this on the run. Should be fine now. Good luck with Amethon. It looks very promising.


  238. Ben Says:

    I’m not sure why you put a strikethrough “offshore” on AskSunday. I called last week and had my request taken care of by someone in India who I had a difficult time communicating with.

    A much better solution, in my opinion, is Maestro Concierge that has only US agents on the phones. They also offer subscription plans for concierge services and they’re only $10 to $35 a month.

  239. Greg Harris Says:


    Watch for the launch of Mobilytics in the next few days. Fully hosted free mobile web analytics.

    There clearly is a need for a “Google Analytics” for the mobile web, and we plan to fill that void.

    We’ll send you a beta invite so you can review.

    Great Blog!

    Greg Harris, CEO
    Mobile Visions, Inc

  240. admin Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the input. Please shoot me the Beta invite whenever you are ready. Good luck with all your efforts!

  241. Webanalyticsbook » Mobile Analytics - beta invites Says:

    [...] Mobivity announced the launch of their mobile web site tracking solution, called Mobilytics. Like Amethon, who also offers a mobile analytics solution, Mobilytics is going to be one of the first movers in [...]

  242. Greg Says:

    Thanks for the mention. We also launched a new blog where I mentioned your great vendor list. I’ll get you updated screen shots.

    Blog is at

    Keep up the great work.


  243. Ventura Says:

    I saw in Amathon website: no log-reading, no tagging… how does it work then? How does Mobilitycs work?

  244. the constant skeptic Says:

    sell it

  245. whitneymcn Says:

    It’s a boring answer, but since it sounds like actively developing on the domain isn’t particularly interesting to you, I’d go with the math:

    1. What’s the monthly income coming from the domain right now?
    2. What % return would you need to get on investing $40k to match that amount? *

    * Remembering to factor in any tax implications on the sale…

    If the answer to #2 is in the low to middling single digits, I’d almost definitely sell.

  246. BigBerries Says:

    Try to sell it and keep a percentage. How long would it take right now to make 40k with that site? How much development would it take to increse the income? Is it currently parked or slightly developed? Maybe a partner or an affiliate program could be all you need to boost the income.

  247. admin Says:

    Thanks for all the input!

    I made the calculation many times and there is no right answer. Still I tend to sell. Also the buyer increased the offer for a substantial amount.

    Last but not least I think a top level domain with mediocre content is something that nobody wants. Especially in the domain’s niche people expect quality content and I believe that I have the responsibility to give this domain in the hands of a professional organization/company.

  248. Internet Entrepreneur Says:

    Hi, came across your blog from BlogRush.

    Have you thought about leasing the domain to the company for a monthly fee? You would remain in control of your domain but they got use of it.

    Alternatively you could sell the domain but have a contract whereby you earn a monthly revenue from the domain for the next 5 years maybe?

    Just ideas to think about.


  249. admin Says:

    Great idea Khalid. I thought about leasing it, but the interested buyer doesn’t want to lease (which is understandable).
    I kind of go back and forth…….but it makes sense to sell. It’s just stupid to keep a domain with not very good content up when somebody else can build a nice platform on it.
    I myself tried to buy a pretty good domain recently, but the owner prefers to play games and keeps it parked. Maybe this is a little strange opinion of myself, but top-level domains should be loaded with quality content and not just sit around for years and be a pain for 1000s of people.
    So. I guess I will sell it and will be excited to see someone build a great business on “my” domain ;-)

  250. Income Experts Says:

    I say keep it & use the money earned monthly to hire someone to build content into the site for you. This method will grow your monthly income. There is absolutely no reason you cannot earn $40,000 monthly. Make the decision & then take action.

    We have been focusing on passive & residual income for years. In my humble opinion, it is the best money earned!

    DREAM BIG!!!


  251. Bhumika Says:

    Is urchin alive? Google just changed urchin.js to ga.js removing the old name’s trace!! ??

  252. Rushabh Says:

    hey its too early to make such a statement. specially when yahoo, msn and google controversy is going on. i feel in the long run we will see it for sure.

  253. MojiPage Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing MojiPage Says:

    [...] 2007 - Led a session on Mobile Widgets in MobileCampNYC2 (blog coverage by Sebastian and Dawa - [...]

  254. Eric T. Peterson Says:

    My only objective at this WAW event is to meet YOU. I hope you’ll show up for free drinks, uh, social networking, uh, blog fodder.


  255. Matt Hopkins Says:

    So how exactly does this mobile analytics work then? Is it using the visitor phone number some how or just very close integration with the networks?

  256. admin Says:

    I can assume how it works, but prefer to double-check it with the vendors. I am sure they all work a little different. Wait a little for a post.

  257. admin Says:

    Don’t have much time, but definitely show up tonight, b/c not every day you meet a god. :-)

  258. Michael Stone Says:

    Bango conveniently forgot to mention in both the press release and the web site that it is only really providing analytics on subscriber activity with their payment proxy and Bango ‘buttons’.

    The metrics provide are also very basic. It only appears to report total visits, visits per country, visits per operator and visits per device. i.e. no page views, click paths, referrers, search terms, etc.

    It certainly couldn’t be used by a mobile site owner who needs to understand how users interact with their site or to have a discussion with a potential advertiser.


    Michael Stone
    Amethon Solutions

  259. Andy Bovingdon Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    Bango Analytics went live earlier this week. It’s free to get started (no catches) and easy to deploy. There is a quick-start guide that gives more detail on the website (

    Analytics is separate from our mobile billing products but leverages established technology, our global reach and strong operator relationships to give some neat stats - we can identify individual people visiting multiple times and differentiate Sprint from Boost for example.

    You can also quickly get a sample of the traffic we currently track by visiting

    Development is accelerating fast on this now we are getting some great feedback. I would love to get input from yourself and your readers. Hope you like it.


    VP Product Marketing

  260. admin Says:

    Hi Andy,
    I posted about it about a day or two ago. Let me shoot you an email so we can follow up on it.


  261. Eric T. Peterson Says:


    It was really nice to have met you in New York and thanks for the nice feedback. I hope to get that shot of “Book and Guru” up on the blog soon … thanks for posing!

    One comment: OpinionLab was the sponsor in New York, not Optimost. I know, I know, they sound alike (and both sound like Omniture …) but I thought it was really generous of them to cover $1,300 worth of drinks and munchies so I wanted to clarify that.

    Isn’t “House” a drug addict? I’m not sure I like Marshall’s comparison but hey, House gets results.


  262. Dennis R. Mortensen Says:

    Hi there.. :-)

    Back home… from Iceland. And yes, it is definitely cold up there. I added a couple of comments to the presentation on my blog:

    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools

  263. admin Says:

    Great! Thanks for the hint. I did not click on your blog, so I wasn’t sure if you are already back. I’ll add the link to it.

    Also just noticed that I spelled Iceland in German (=Island). All my readers must think that I am stupid. :-) It’s such a pain switching languages, especially when you talk German, but post English the same time and you friend chat in French

    Lýðveldið Ísland is translated as “Island” in so many languages. I wonder why it’s “Iceland: in English. Doesn’t really fit.

  264. Bhumika Says:

    Good piece of information and well presented. Are meta information required these days?

  265. Web Analytics Demystified » Blog Archive » Hannah Montana loves Web Analytics Demystified! Says:

    [...] event in New York hosted by Joel Collymore and Derek Monteverdi and sponsored by OpinionLab. Web Analytics Book has a nice write-up of the event and it was nice to have met Sebastian and the nearly 50 other [...]

  266. Webanalyticsbook » Click-through Metrics are Dead As Well… Says:

    [...] this very heavy Internet usage”. I guess I should have added CTR to my last dead metrics post Revolutinizing Web Analytics post. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed and feel free to rate/review [...]

  267. » Pub en ligne : mort au taux de clic? - Le techno-blogue à Steph! Says:

    [...] ou mensonge? C’est pourtant ce qui ressort d’une étude de ComScore mentionnant que les gros cliqueurs (heavy clickers?) bousillent les métriques utilisées pour [...]

  268. Webmaster Lening Geld Lenen Says:

    Hahaha I saw the rap, now with text. To difficult for me, non-native speaker. Should translate and bring the rap in Dutch hahaha…

  269. Eric T. Peterson Says:

    Wow, web analytics sounds hard. LOL!

  270. Says:

    I agree, it is best service at the mobile analytics market now.

  271. Avinash Kaushik Says:


    To the best of my knowledge the scooters crashing is yet another urban legend about Google. : )

    Most Googlers actually ride bikes around the campus, and the abundant traffic signals (some added not too long ago) help. And you can imagine the exercise comes in handy as well.

    Thanks for adding your perspective to the conversation!


  272. admin Says:

    Hi Avinash,

    Thanks for the insights… I assumed the scooters were not really that dangerous.
    I will be excited to visit the office in April (during the Web 2.0 conference).


  273. Webanalyticsbook » Microsoft doesn’t like the way we measure Clicks Says:

    [...] web analytics companies like NuConomy might have a good shot at gaining some traction now. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you [...]

  274. Barre Says:

    I know it is almost a year later. I need new software so I enjoyed your articl,


  275. Search Engine Strategies NYC Sessions I plan to attend « The Analytics Guru Says:

    [...] Search Engine Strategies NYC Sessions I plan to attend I’ll be covering Search Engine Strategies NYC in two weeks and just found out today that Sebastian Wenzel of WebAnalyticsBook is also attending as Press (just as I am) in a post about Search Engine Strategies New York. [...]

  276. Visio Guy Says:

    Hi Sebastian ,

    My Visio Guy ( site has a few collections of links that might help you:

    Visio Links: look under “Visio Shapes - Network”:

    Visio Cafe is a great source for network-related shapes:


    - vg

  277. Telefone Handys Says:

    Nokia Morph Konzept…

    Einen Blick in Zukunft gefälligst? Nokia hat da eine interessante Studie/Konzept, welches man auf dem nachfolgendem Video sehen kann. Das Konzept heißt Morph und einige der dort gezeigten Dinge sind durchaus schon heute machbar, aber halt in dieser F…

  278. Mircosoft Analytics Beta 2 | Web Analytics & SEO - News Says:

    [...] via Webanalyticsbook [...]

  279. Peter Says:

    Scooters can be terribly dangerous, it’s just that they are only in the hands of idiots and that part of the legend doesn’t fit. ;)

  280. Webanalyticsbook » Domain sold for $60000 Says:

    [...] for all the readers who were curious what happened to the top-level domain that I recently wanted to sell. Here the final result: I sold it for [...]

  281. Web Professor Says:

    Congrats Seb!

  282. admin Says:

    Thanks. I am glad it worked out ..even that I currently don’t need the money. This niche was a very sensitive one. You have to really put effort in it and need a specific degree that I don’t have.
    What’s also really funny: I got an inquiry for another top-level domain that I own. Maybe I should have looked into being a domainer a few years ago :-)

  283. Lars Says:

    Nice! What domain was it?

  284. admin Says:

    Hey Lars,
    IIt’s not really a secret, but I cannot reveal it, b/c I signed a NDA.

  285. Ian Says:

    Audio ads are a terrible idea. They are far more intrusive than ad boxes and the like, which you can basically ignore. I hope they fail to take off in any sort of a big way.

  286. Webanalyticsbook » Omniture and Baidu taking on Google Analytics? Says:

    [...] is very interesting if you have a look what Baidu already has in place: A full-blown web analytics solution that looks like well….pretty much like Google [...]

  287. New Tools for PPC and Analytics | SEO, eCommerce, & Blogging Says:

    [...] To manage your PPC campaings, Google announced a new tool: Google Ad Manager, which will compete with OpenX.  The folks at OpenX responded. One site criticized Google Ad Manager. [...]

  288. Ian Thomas Says:


    Actually, that plug-in is not for adCenter Analytics - it’s for adCenter Search - it’s focused on providing keyword tools to help advertisers plan campaigns. But we are considering doing something similar for adCenter Analytics.


  289. admin Says:

    Thanks. That’s a great idea. An Excel plugin for Analytics would be a great tool.
    Just looked at the plugin last night and saw that it is still a very powerful tool. Congrats!

  290. lisa Says:

    The post shows that iphone users are quite happy to access mobile content whether it is social networking, mobile tv or Youtube or google maps…probably thats the reason that it was declared as the most popular phone of 2007

  291. Betto Says:

    Il 4 aprile ad Ancona un seminario gratuito su OpenX. Interverranno dal Londra i responsabili di OpenX. Tutti i dettagli qui

  292. Why do people do stupid stuff? « Chuck’s Place Says:

    [...] Others: Technosailor, Mashable!, techcrunch, Webanalyticsbook [...]

  293. Agriya Says:

    Fantastic tool!! Thanks for the useful info…

  294. gSchadenfreude « Right Coast Tech Says:

    [...] up and realize that it’s still a business with shareholders to keep happy, bugs to fix, and customers to keep happy. And it still has managers and some of those managers suck. Who knew; they live in the real world, [...]

  295. Andrew Steward Says:

    I have been following them for sometime since Barcamp NYC, i think they are heading the RIGHT DIRECTION…. can’t wait to see the actual launch of the product.

  296. Nataliya Yakushev Says:

    This is actually a great approach of forecasting SEO ROI I didn’t think of! Thank you!

  297. Snooper Says:

    I find sitemeter very useful service. Best thing is that shows locations of visitors, where they come from to my website and exit links…

  298. Tacitus Says:

    Geosim definitely has more detailed features for its audience complete with seemingly hi-res renders of structures and skins throughout Philly.

    However… you knew there would be a however.. do to the nature of the detail and development time it took to launch such a client, Geosim would be faced with a plethora of on and offline problems were they to look to develop more dynamic major cities like New York City or Los Angeles.

    Second Life had a choice to make. They opted for a lower res world with more features and possibilities. Its presumably easier to add new features to Second Life within the parameters they’ve set for allowing low res submissions to be added to their world. Geosim’s quality requirements for its virtual world will only slow its growth. They’ve built themselves into a bit of a corner.

    Its still really cool and really sick!!

  299. fenryr Says:

    Pretty neat tool.
    Like you said, combining the data with data from other sources could make this really valuable.. combining it with some sort of serp-competition ranking would be cool..

  300. Daniel S. Says:

    Thank your for this hint. Actually any hint is highly appreciated ;-)

  301. Juhani Polkko Says:

    Hi, I couldn’t find a party list for the Web 2.0 Expo, so I created one here:

    Complete with Google Calendar links. Hope to see you in San Francisco!

  302. nousha Says:

    Thank you for the info in advance;)

  303. AjnabiZ Says:


    Thanks for the info just read it yesterday.

    Do you know when would be launch the public release.

    Any link?

  304. Webanalyticsbook » Banner Visibility Duration Can Vary With A Factor 1 to 3 Says:

    [...] written before about Alenty in the “Revolutionizing Web Analytics” post a few months [...]

  305. links for 2022-04-18 Says:

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  306. Jef Says:

    I posted a video review of the Woopra Web Analytics client if you are looking for a closer look:

  307. Ray Anderson Says:


    Actually the Bango service can be used by anybody’s mobile site. There is no restriction to those using our Bango Button (which drives traffic to sites from myspace,facebook etc.) or using us to collect payments.

    We have clarified that on our web site.
    Certainly Bango Analytics IS being used by many businesses that want to understand, in great detail, who is visiting their site, where from, and with what.

    Watch teh video at

  308. Dean Collins Says:

    Ahhh it’s nice to be a market leader and have imitators try and keep up, imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Being first to market in October last year we are in a position that since having launched Amethon Mobile Analytics there have been 6 other vendors who have now launched mobile analytics applications in one form or another.

    They all have their strengths and weaknesses (check out an independent review by Bryson Meunier of Resolution Media if you want a list of vendors).

    It’s important to point out that Amethon are still the only vendor to use Wireline Capture – so we see 100% of the traffic from the cellular phone browsers to the mobile content webservers, importantly this also means that there is no additional ‘weight’ added to the content pages through the use of page tags or pixel beacons which whilst not an issue on desktop analytics is a heavy burden on limited mobile bandwidth.

    It’s great to have more competition from Admob but as was discussed at the New York Mobile Monday panel earlier this week the real issue with using an advertisers networks analytics is you are then stuck with them. You are tied to relying on their platform to tell you how much money you spent with them, and you are also not able to track alternative competing ad network providers.

    It’s a great solution when it’s free but free always has strings in one form or another.

    If you want a truly independent view on what’s happening with your mobile content come over and check out

    Dean Collins
    Phone: +1 646-240-4043

  309. Sarah at Bango Says:

    We respect AdMob for what it has done to kick start the mobile ad revolution but in our experience, marketers place ads across a number of ad networks so it’s important they get independent stats on what’s working. Are you going to get that independence from one ad network? That’s why the likes of Omniture and Coremetrics have an important role to play in the PC world. We believe the same will happen on mobile. We launched Bango Analytics in February so marketers could track the success of their mobile ad campaigns - - with that independence upmost in our minds. Read the Tapatap case study at to see how they use Bango Analytics as an independent auditing tool.

  310. Webanalyticsbook » Microsoft ready to open first brick and mortar store Says:

    [...] from this deal at this point. They probably will come back once they figured out that is never going to be a good search engine and Yahoo still loosing business, b/c of their lack of [...]

  311. Webanalyticsbook » How much is your No.1 ranking in Google worth Says:

    [...] previously written about my basic approach of figuring out how much a No.1 ranking in Google is worth. Aaron over at Seobook went probably a [...]

  312. aaron wall Says:

    Hi Sebastian
    Thanks for the heads up. I added a brief mention of Wikipedia to the article.

    This is one of the reasons I like creating content and push marketing it a bit…it gets many smart people looking at it that tell me what I hosed up and the end product ends up much better from it. :)

  313. Webanalyticsbook » Interview With Woopra Web Analytics Says:

    [...] web analytics solution with chat possibilities made some noise in the industry. It has been covered by me and other bloggers here, here, here or [...]

  314. Woopra » Blog Archive » Woopra News: Woopra Contest, Woopra Videos, 10,000 Approvals, Woopra Reviews, and More Says:

    [...] Web Analytics Book reports in “Woopra Web Analytics Enables Active Sales” that “[Woopra] doesn’t look much different than other web analytics solutions, but it has one very interesting feature, that could be very valuable: Instant Messaging with real-time visitors. Woopra enables you to engage your visitors by starting a conversation with them; a friendly popup will appear on the web page to establish the chat.” [...]

  315. Christian Halberstadt Says:

    Very superior site. Good job. thnx.

  316. AndyEd Says:

    Alexa’s model of what you might study is pretty darn limited.

    I think Mozilla is looking at a wider view of analytics — the kind of datastreams you only have access to at MSFT or GOOG from toolbar data.

    Beyond that, Mozilla’s underlying implementation allows privacy preserving stats on new versus return visits, use of browser UI, and all sorts of interesting stuff Alexa/ComScore/Compete aren’t able to monetize.

  317. Webanalyticsbook » AndroidScan Says:

    [...] pictures of barcodes into valuable information. But hey…just check out the demo. Like the killer maps,  AndroidScan that Jeffrey developed is just amazing. Check it out and picture [...]

  318. admin Says:

    Thanks for your input. I hope they come up with something new. Collecting data only from the toolbar or through a browser app is proven to be not very effective.
    Having said that I think the community around Mozilla is able to come up with something that we are all waiting for. All which is needed is a good App and some $100 million Mozilla fund :)

  319. Nicolas Says:

    I’d be curious to see if Microsoft Analytics (formerly known as Gatineau) can tie the mobile campaigns with their live IDs to pull out cell phone/mobile users demo data.


  320. Mark.Jones Says:

    That is an interesting article. In our experience website owners find it difficult to understand visitor behaviour even with good systems such as Google Analytics.

    We have recently come across an excellent piece of software that not only allows them to monitor individual user behaviour in real time, but also facilitates direct engagement between visitor and user. This has been increasing conversions by an average of 15% in the websites we have implemented it in.

    It seems that the individualised data gives a more enlightening perspective.

  321. Theatons Toys Says:

    Cool. Sounds good but have to becareful these guys don’t turn into data hords.

  322. Adult Ühler Says:

    So now the pest control industry is dabbling in FUD too

  323. Dean Collins Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    Dean from Amethon here.

    I think it must be pointed out that this isn’t providing location based information for web analytics.

    This location based information can only be provided to applications and not just web content providers, so for example there would be no way for you as a mobile content provider to determine the location of my mobile handset when i browse to your website.

    The only way location information can be provided is if you have some type of apple game or business application and when i run this application it passes your location to the site….and only when this application is running can it do so, once it’s switched off it’s done.

    Trust me, Amethon and all the other mobile web analytics companies would love to provide location based information to our clients, unfortunately with todays mobile o/s platforms this isn’t possible.

    If anyone has an alternative method of providing location based information through a browser session we’d love to talk.

    Dean Collins

  324. Wil Tan (MojiPage) Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    At this IMC, MojiPage is giving (yet) another session on Mobile Widgets. Look forward to meeting you there!


  325. The Internet Marketing Conference and Diggnation Party - A long day! « The Analytics Guru Says:

    [...] The problem with the IMC Conference is there was no internet connectivity and I could not hear what anyone was saying who was speaking - but there were some good networking opportunities - I just found I could not stay very long (an hour or two); a longer description came from WebAnalyticsBook in a post titled the Mobile Internet Marketing Conference. [...]

  326. Dean Collins Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    Yes was both good and bad conference, I enjoyed speaking on the panel in the afternoon about Mobile Analytics and answering questions about the product offering that Amethon has for mobile content providers but I also really enjoyed Ethan Dreilinger’s talk on what CBS News was doing to ‘mobilise’ their content. Ethan was definately the speaker of the day.

    BTW I downloaded Squace, was interesting but wondering how the content providers feel about their content being wholesale repurposed with none of the advertising / credit being passed back to them?

    Dean Collins

  327. Dean Collins Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    Yes was both good and bad conference, I enjoyed speaking on the panel in the afternoon about Mobile Analytics and answering questions about the product offering that Amethon has for mobile content providers but I also really enjoyed Ethan Dreilinger’s talk on what CBS News was doing to ‘mobilise’ their content. Ethan was definately the speaker of the day.

    BTW I downloaded Squace, was interesting but wondering how the content providers feel about their content being wholesale repurposed with none of the advertising / credit being passed back to them?

    Dean Collins

  328. Lawren Smith Says:

    Although the conference sounds pretty interesting, I am more interested in learning how this technology can be useful in marketing one’s business or is there such a thing.

    I am always looking for innovative, reasonably priced methods in which to enhance marketing. Marketing, whether it be online or offline, can be challenging to most folks, especially those who are new to the arena of owning a business.

    Learning how to market was one of the challenges I had to overcome prior to joining my current business opportunity. I always thought the products and services I had to offer were great, but no one cared because I was not able to get my products or services in front of enough people who would either buy or become a participant in my business.

  329. Books for Boys - Thanks to the readers | Webanalyticsbook Says:

    [...] I haven’t posted a “Thank you” yet, but now it’s about time: Thanks to all the readers that donated for my wife’s book project “Books for Boys“. [...]

  330. IMC Says:

    I agree, WiFi is pretty much standard in most places. We had some issues with that hotel. So did our friends who hosted events there earlier that week.

    I also agree that Ethan did a great job ending the conference.

  331. Nachtjaeger Says:

    Thanks for this post. I as well have yet to give trackmypeople a go, but while Trackmypeople might be a good Time Tracking Tool from my experience, nothing beats based on intuitive design, ease of use, and customer support.

  332. Kyle James Says:

    Love it! Hilarious.

  333. Gijs Nelissen Says:

    First of all for the author of this blog, thanks for the review.

    @Nachtjaeger : you’re full of sh*. and is not compareable.

    First of all we have an extensive API that can be used to develop applications on. Second we have a linux + windows client that allows you to punch (start/stop/track) from your taskbar.

    So tell me, why would beat for easy of use ?
    And how can you compare your customer support to ours, if you haven’t tried it ?

  334. Nachtjaeger Says:

    Hey Seb! Thanks for contacting me…sure, I can give you any type of info you want about tsheets. What did you have in mind? Do you want to know about the whole system, or just the bits and pieces that pertain to mobile blogging? Just lemme know, I’d be happy to help!

  335. chetan Says:

    Hi all

    Can any one tell me how to integrate this API in our application please


  336. dean collins Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for the mention. We were also online for the Admob webinar.

    Being free is a great advantage for a lot of smaller content providers as our starting point is $250 a month for 1million page views or less per month, however our analytics solution is already better, all of the functionality listed has been available since V1.4 (and then some), recently we launched version 1.5 which has extensive segmentation around additional demographic information eg. average page views for males/females or average bandwidth consumption for New York users Vs San Francisco users.

    Admob isn’t the first free mobile analytics technology to be made available, since we launched the very first mobile specific mobile analytics solution onto the market over a year ago we’ve seen a number of very reasonable free analytics providers launch .

    It’s nice to be imitated but I think all of our customers consider their monthly Amethon license fee a great investment in the very best mobile analytics technology available and as there are no long term contracts (amethon is a month to month only commitment) they are free to try out alternative providers at any time.

    Dean Collins

  337. admin Says:

    Hey Dean,

    Thanks for your input and I certainly agree that Amethon and others can keep up and even be better than Admob.
    However I noticed that Admob made the biggest noise out of every mobile analytics solution (which is certainly not fair, but should be an incentive for Amethon and other to get their name out more effectively).

    On my part I will come up with a comparison of the different solutions, so the readers can get a full picture of where each mobile analytics solution stands.

    Thanks again,

  338. dean collins Says:

    Yep I get sent a copy of all their press announcements every day (thanks google alerts) so I see all of the announcements …. not a lot of them actually talk about analaytics, lots of press about number of ads served in this country or that country, which is great - but If I’m using admob for my analytics I’d like to see them talking about advances they are making in analytics, not how big the ‘other’ part of their business is.

    It’s the same I guess as google analytics, apart from buying urchin and making it free google has pretty much been a one hit wonder in desktop analytics. Sure everyman and his dog installs it and then remembers to look at it once or twice…. but when you have people who live and die by their daily numbers they are off using Omniture, Webtrends,….. Amethon etc etc

    I’m very happy their is a free service out there because I see a lot of mobile content providers who call me here in the Amethon New York office but they have zero revenue model so $250 a month is too much for them, now I have someone that I can can reccomend to them. Not being a wireline capture technology it wont be as good as Amethon with all of it’s capabilities but maybe it’s enough to get them started.

    Dean Collins

  339. Form Abandonment, Form Analytics, Clicktale | Webanalyticsbook - Web Analytics Says:

    [...] wrote about Form abandonment and how to avoid it a while back . Clicktale Analytics launched today their own form abandonment [...]

  340. Avinash Kaushik Says:

    Deeply deeply moving. As a father I can relate a little bit to the power of a child, even the three minute clip made me feel very emotional.

    Thanks for sharing Sebastian.


  341. Internet Marketing Uncut Says:

    D’oh. I was kind of bummed to miss this. Maybe next time.

  342. Mike Gandy Says:

    I think your just a tiny bit jealous. No I do find it kind of weird but I have never worked for a place with that type of work atmosphere. To me it seems kind of cult like. I’m sure that Google has done multiple studies on orginizational behvaior and tailored their practices accordingly.

  343. dean collins Says:

    I always give away free consulting services….the first 30 minutes exactly, after that it’s on the books or they are on their own.

    Because of the reputation I’ve picked up in the NY startup space people often approach me for help or advice either online or in person at speaking events - unless I’m really really under the gun with other projects my answer is always “come have a sit down with me in my office tomorrow and I’ll see what I can do for you in the first 30 minutes atfer that my rates are XXX per hour”.

    About 50% of the time I can solve their problem in 30 mins, or we both come to the conlusion I’m not the right person for the project (but with my rolodex I almost always have someone to reccomend that they can talk to);
    The other 50% about half weren’t able to fund my hourly rate and half are so impressed with what advice I was able to give in the 30 mins that they sign on for a fixed number of hours consulting agreement with a decision to review after that period is up.

    Eitherway it’s a fast and easy way to get to a situation where both parties are happy and have gotten something done.

    Dean Collins

  344. That Guy Says:

    Free for a Fortune 500 company??? Are you mad, sir?

  345. admin Says:


    I guess regarding this case the answer to your question is: Yes.

  346. Kate Says:

    Wow I hope they don’t get screwed!

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    Thanks for the pickup and good mention about my blog post at 10e20. I’ll definitely be back to webanalyticsbook to view your future posts. Lot’s of good info here!


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    The unique thing worse than that is have a big G mother…

  349. admin Says:

    Sure. Your post is great. Loved it, b/c it’s very structured and easy scannable.

  350. dean collins Says:

    Looking forward to the throwdown anytime any place

    There’s a reason people pay money for Amethon’s Mobile Analytics when Bango and Admob are free :)

    Dean Collins

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    Good to hear that Omniture is going to support mobile devices. What I find interesting though is that they think that 20-30% of traffic originates from mobile devices. That seems a bit out of proportion but of course it is a great marketing trick. now Omniture - show us the money! :)

  357. Marcus Says:

    Ha, great you´re coming!
    First beer is on me mate ;-)

  358. d.b. echo Says:

    Who uses IE anyways?

    I do. And 61% of my visitors do, according to my SiteMeter.

    But it’s probably precisely that sort of attitude that led to SiteMeter implementing this change without bothering to test it with Internet Explorer.

    I do love Firefox, though. The js3250.dll in it bug continues to provide me with a steady stream of visitors searching for ways to fix it.

    When that stream dries up, I’ll consider reinstalling Firefox. Until then, who needs a browser that spontaneously crashes as often as Firefox does?

  359. Michael J Says:

    Didn’t appreciate webmeter taking my business website down with it- no apology, no notification. Had to physically remove the html code from all my pages (137 pages) and it took me three hours. Now it is supposedly fixed. Wonder how many customers and sales that I lost because of this?????

  360. Randall Says:

    85% of our traffic uses IE. Our site was affected at 6:30 pm PDT on Friday.

    We had to scrounch around the web to identify the problem, and could not get all pages handled until 6:30 am the following morning.

    I do not believe Sitemeter handled this properly, or with any measure of speed. An announcement could have (and should have) been placed on their site as soon as the problem was recognized. They could have reversed the coding change, and should have. I’m sure whoever caused this ‘back-end coding’ glitch either knew it within minutes, or should have.

    I’m sure many sites lost money, with an average downtime of 8 hours or more. Don’t be surprised for sites to start tallying those losses and consider their options for recovery of real damages.

    I’m not happy, and do not expect to allow the sitemeter to operate for us again until all their changes (as announced over the next few days) are finished.

    How ridiculous to initiate changes without testing in all browsers… irresponsible.

  361. admin Says:

    Oh goes down one night on a Friday. Try to call or Microsoft. I think stuff like this happens and people should not make such a big deal about it. My site goes down once in a while and it sucks, but hey…that’s life.

  362. Sal Vincent Says:

    Sitemeter fails to test their changes on the world’s most popular browser, they deploy those changes untested to hundreds of partners withot warning, and your response is — “you are all losers, you should switch to Firefox”.

    Could you be any more clueless and out of touch? This is the year 2008, and you are still using every pretext to prattle on about how “special” you are just because you use a different browser? It is getting really old.

  363. Matt Hopkins Says:

    Yep there is one I would suggest, its UK based but very good.

  364. Ted Says:

    Hi Sebastian, How was your trip ?

  365. Lucy Johnson Says:

    I have a dongle (lucky me). I plug it into my laptop and get 3G internet here in the UK, in most towns and cities. Where 3G isn’t available, I can usually get 2G unless you’re out in the middle of nowhere without even a mobile phone (sorry, cell) signal. Whilst the cost is reasonable here in the UK (£10 / month for 1GB data transfer) it costs a fortune if you go abroad. For example, if I were to use it in France, it would cost £6 / Mb. Do you have similar connectivity in the US?

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    Please note the “ilovemobileweb” awards were not created by nor they administered by the company dotMobi; they are a program of the dotMobi Advisory Group ( — an independent industry association — and will be administered by Informa. The company dotMobi is providing smart phones to winners of the six categories, which are part of a package of prizes each winner will receive.

    The “ilovemobileweb” awards are the upcoming Mobile Web Europe event, which is part of a new series of events that includes Mobile Web Americas (premiered in January 2008) and Mobile Web Asia (to premier in 2009). That series is the official event series of the dotMobi Advisory Group and again are being run by Informa.

    I volunteered to be a judge of the “ilovemobileweb” awards because I see a LOT of sites on a daily basis, have a good sense of what is or isn’t “good” from an end-user angle and I’m pretty darn impartial.

    As I said in my comments to Mr. Walsh, if the dotMobi Advisory Group really wanted to “weight” these awards, they wouldn’t have opened them to competition at all.

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  374. Philippe Mochamps Says:


    “since is able to figure out related sites based on your Google Analytics code ….”

    For me, tracks Google AdSense code, not Analytics code !…

    I am wrong ?

    Kind regards (and thanks for your website/blog : well done and very usefull)

    Philippe Mochamps
    (my website is at the very early stage…)

  375. admin Says:

    It actually does both. It compares similar Adsense codes as well as Google Analytics.

  376. Staysure Says:

    You were right, Google have pushed adsense into it lol

  377. Staysure Says:

    I’ve been using Google Chrome for the last few days and I have to say it’s still an alpha product (even though it’s in open beta).

    It’s not suitable for everday use yet as it hangs with flash and other apps, you can’t install some stuff, and some sites just don’t work.

    It’s missing addons and google toolbar which means no seo guy will use it either.

    In fact, I’m not sure who is using Chrome right now.

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    Is there any doubt that this medium is going to be around for a while? From Presidential campaigns to Brands it has been great fun to be working at the forefront of this technology. I can only imagine what the next three years will bring! Michael Anderson, VP Business Dev Interlinked Media.

  384. admin Says:

    Fully agree. There is so much that could be done. What a great service so far.
    Also just had the idea to put a weather proof web cam. How cool would it be too look right in the storm area.

  385. Heather Says:

    I won’t be using Sitemeter anymore. Some of the free features are no longer free, there are more ads, it’s much more difficult to navigate, I can’t get a quick overview of the two main things I cared about (referring URLs and outclicks). It’s a free service, so I can’t really complain, but I am sad to lose it.

  386. Afewthoughts Says:

    As a long time user of Spreadshirt, I think ‘copycattism’ is really a poor term and one that doesn’t justify the topic. People have been printing on clothing since time immemorial, and the idea that Cafepress has some sort of magical lock on the POD (print on demand) market is also nonsense. What Spreadshirt set out to do was make *quality* print on demand and by a very different printing method which uses fused plastic. It is night and day between Spreadshirt and Cafepress on everything from customer service to garment quality. One could as well have Google give a talk about cloning and the search market. They didn’t do it first, but they did it far better and by a more innovative and useful method. At some point it’s all splitting hairs.

  387. admin Says:

    It’s not about spreadshirt. It’s about investing in high evaluated US clones such as StudiVZ, a Facebook clone (currently under investigation).
    I am not sure, but I assume it will be a self-promotion tour of their newly created fund. All tips and tricks how to avoid being “cloned” by copycats can be said in about 5 minutes.

  388. David Says:

    If you really want to be paranoid, try Google Ad Planner, and see the type of data that is out there already. I think msn analytics is more of a worry, since they have your details on what software you have been using for years, and the amount of demographic information that they can provide is almost scary.

    I do like that AdsSpy tool, it seems something fun to play with, but im wondering if it is like other tools like keywordspy that often leave tracks on their server/analytics data that someone has been researching the company?

    You say that you use your own inhouse solutions for analytics, but i notice Google Analytics is running atm…?

    good topic for an article!

  389. Matt Cutts Says:

    I can stop the conspiracy theory before it starts. :) I have no ownership or influence with any of these domains in any way. My best guess is that either made a mistake or more likely someone is copying the Urchin analytics ID from my blog (either as a joke or as a scraper or if a snippet of my blog somehow showed up on a page on another site).

    If you look at for example, there are three different Urchin ids listed for that domain.

  390. admin Says:

    Thanks for your input. Would have been strange anyways….

  391. Martin Says:

    Why do you think, it should be able to tear down walled gardens? Over here in Europe, mobile Internet seemed quite open to me - rather the applications and users were lacking - but users were free to go wherever they wished.

    IMHO the G1 is like the iPhone, it comes bundled with a powerful platform, but is strongly focussed on its vendors’ products (where is Exchange on Android or alternative navigation on the iPhone…). I’d believe any Windows mobile based handset to be more extensible than these devices, when it comes to the choice of applications etc.

    In my view, iPhone and G1 are changing behaviour via the bundled-contracts, but isn’t this just an upstream shift of the profits

  392. Sebasitan Says:

    The mobile web is still surrounded by walls and carriers, device manufacturers, browser companies and platforms still try to push their own content over giving full access to a free mobile low cost web.

    However..we are moving in the right direction.

  393. Web Analytics Europa Says:

    Strange to see that the whole Video Analysis is missing. Eric T. Peterson did very exact definitions in this area together with Michiel Berger, the CIO und Founder of Nedstat.

    It is on their website, WAA should have a look.

  394. john Says:

    I guess the companies so big now not everyone can get the full Google employee experience we read about. The product development guys I’m sure get looked after but there’s a whole bunch of mineons there as well doing the leg work like any other big media company

    The guys I speak to on the phone at Google Ireland certainly never sound that motivated or happy in their work;-)

  395. Charles McLaughlin Says:

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    Question: How does somebody get a PR of 4 on a 2 month old site? There was a thread on a forum where there were multiple examples of such a case.

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    I think that you tend to miss some of the bigger picture when you do this - you should be using the comments that the users put in to help generate your new content - this is like free research into your online community. Most people are too worried about increasing visitors to get into the head of the users.

    And half the time inceasing the visitors and page impressions doesn’t do anything because they don’t sell out their ad inventory anyway - they’re just making it worse.

    Of course there are advantages to this traffic in terms of conversions if you do it properly - improved inbound links, higher rankings because of it, long tail conversions, etc.

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  414. Matt Says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a while (and I work for Yahoo!). The reason why Google had a good 3rd quarter is because advertisers are re-allocating their ad budgets from traditional forms of advertising - like newspaper and magazine - to search advertising. Not because Google can control their destiny. If that was the case, Yahoo! could do the same and they’d never post a poor quarter.

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  425. Marcus Says:

    Na eeeeendlich :-)
    Werd ich heut in der Sendung gleich mal erwähnen!

  426. Clarky Says:

    I think you are spot on with the eggs in one basket comments!

    How many times do google change the rules without as much as a whisper.

    Any alternative that can be used to gauge against google can only be a good thing in my eyes!

  427. Tony DiMatteo Says:

    Do you have any idea when the next event will be?

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    I think its only found in the pay for versions.

  435. Kay Brown Says:

    Google Chrome by my standards is not quite up to par with IE or Firefox, but has hope. It is to basic, not anough features, and does not display some web pages propperly.
    It needs work still and with improvement may be a good deal yet.

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    That being said, if you keep your focus on revenues, it helps to temper excitement about meaningless data like huge traffic that doesn’t convert (which, by the way, I experienced this weekend…grrrr!!).

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  755. Cherie Says:

    I tried clicktale a while ago, and was unhappy with the way it seemed to slow rendering time of my pages.

    Like the others said, I’d be keen to see a side by side comparison of the two. I guess I’ll try userfly to see if it loads a bit quicker.

    Thanks for bringing this one to our attention!


  756. Cherie Says:

    That is just too funny.

    As you said, bing it on!

  757. Cherie Says:

    That’s a lot of fun.

    I see @aplusk has around half a million more followers than CNN now. :)

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  763. Brendan Wenzel Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing that presentation on KPI and metrics. There is still a lot I don’t know nor understand about metrics and how to use them on my sites. It seems like I might have just found the perfect place to change that. Thanks!

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    The problem is accuracy of results. I had similar problems with tools because the results were similar to those provided by Google.

  766. Jay Says:

    You have to admit Blackberry has came a long way in the past 5 years. I enjoy using mine and think the best is yet to come.

  767. Kevin Says:

    I’m curious to see if this will be developed for the storm as well.

  768. Jay Says:

    People should remember that good social network is 90% value add and only 10% or less spamming the heck out of your stuff.

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    I think what is useful to create different interfaces for Google Analytics. For example a SEO dashboard in a AIR application to desktop.

  770. Francis Larkin Says:

    Hi Sebastian,
    Thanks for using Job-a-matic. We’ve made a lot of improvements to the Job-a-matic publisher platform in the last year, so I wanted to clarify a few of the points that you mentioned:
    1. Yes, we require either PayPal information or a W-9 to process your payment.
    2. We do syndicate jobs to publishers, and many of these clicks are paid on a PPC basis. Most publishers love this feature, but you can disable this in the admin panel.
    3. The alert screenshot that you highlighted was poorly formed HTML, not malware. It has since been removed.

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    Francis Larkin

    Sr. Product Manager, Simply Hired

  771. doors Says:

    This is a potential minefield thanks for the warning.

  772. Jay Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    Nice mention of blogtalkradio. I have been a big fan of these guys for some time and it’s always nice to see folks giving them props. They deserve it.


  773. Jay Says:

    Mobile analytics will be the new frontier in advertising. Does not surprise me Omniture is making a move here. Thanks for the article.

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