AlterWind Log Analyzer

The AlterWind Log Analyzer is web site log analysis and web statistics software. Our log file analyzers allow you to generate all traditional web site stats reports, as well as many other unique and unprecedented web stats reports.

Depending on your goals and needs you can choose one of three versions of the AlterWind Log Analyzer:

AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional version lets you generate unique, unprecedented reports for web site search engine optimization, web site promotion and pay-per-click programs. No other web analyzer software gives you such possibilities in increasing the effects of web site promotion and in realizing the promotion budget.

The web stats generated by AlterWind Log Analyzer Standard helps you learn the interests of your web site visitors and clients, analyze the results of the advertisement campaign, learn from where the visitors come to your web site, make your web site more appealing and easy to use for the clients, and much more.

AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite is a free web analyzer. This version of engine analyzer helps you helps you learn the basic characteristics of the hits on your web site.

Licence: 30-day trial version
Last updated: 3/27/2007
Publisher: Alterwind Software
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