Bryan Eisenberg and Alan Rimm-Kaufman join MarketMotive

Posted by admin on October 11th, 2007 filed in Webanalytics general

Just some quick news: Bryan Eisenberg and Alan Rimm-Kaufman join MarketMotive.  You can read the full press release here.

I think MarketMotive’s sample content is pretty valuable, still I am not sure that I am willing to pay $299/month, especially that I don’t know what’s behind the gate. For companies this is probably a great deal, especially now that Bryan joins the show. I guess he is one of the few people, who understand what to improve when it comes to E-commerce.

But have a look at some sample content here.

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One Response to “Bryan Eisenberg and Alan Rimm-Kaufman join MarketMotive”

  1. Chuck McKay Says:

    I agree with you. Anything Bryan Eisenberg is involved in will be top notch.

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