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Posted by admin on December 3rd, 2007 filed in Webanalytics general

Just got an email from a friend about - which looks like a new social network for [Web]Analysts. I really like the logo and the idea, but I am afraid it will clash with some of the WebanalyticsAssociation efforts.

The site is currently in beta, but I found some info on the Mashable social network and here some cached pages of the first version.

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4 Responses to “AnalyticsLife - Social network for web analysts…”

  1. S.Hamel Says:

    Seems like anyone involved with the web analytics community got an invite from them… My fear is also that it will clash with other initiatives. Plus, it didn’t tell me what I could get out of it, what are my benefits?

  2. Courtney J Says:

    analyticsLife is not intended to compete with the WAA, rather it is a social networking community for web analytics professionals that also includes a job board. The added benefits of the site are the ability to collaborate with peers in chat rooms, discuss issues, network, blogs and gain additional expert resources.

  3. admin Says:

    Hi Courtney,

    Thanks for the input. I think that’s not the concern that you compete witht the WAA. I just know that the WAA works on a social network platform and there it might come to an overlap. It probably makes sense to work together.

  4. Courtney J Says:

    That is our hope as well. Thanks

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