Microsoft Outlook tracking

Posted by webmeasurement on July 24th, 2006 filed in Other webanalytic software launched the integration of Microsoft® Outlook® with the SalesGenius™ on-demand application. SalesGenius lets sales reps instantly qualify prospects by tracking individual visits to corporate web sites, without any programming or IT involvement.

The integration of SalesGenius and Outlook means that the roughly 400 million Outlook users worldwide can now easily send ‘Genius’-enabled e-mails and get all the benefits of SalesGenius tracking capabilities, directly from Outlook. A simple wizard-based process installs a “Send with SalesGenius” menu option in Outlook. Users simply compose an e-mail in Outlook, include one or more links to their web sites, and click to send fully trackable Genius e-mails.

The Genius RSVP Data push mechanisms allows customer data to be automatically pushed to open client software on customers computers and mobile devices rather than having to wait for the customer to initiate a transaction as with CRM or web analytics applications

I know this is a little bit offtopic and Genius is certainly not the only company which provides an email tracking solution. But what I especially like about Genius is the real-time tracking, rather than aggregation of reports. Nowadays the business world is very fast and this is definitely a  big competitive advantage.


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