Podosphere vs. Radio

Posted by webmeasurement on July 27th, 2006 filed in Webanalytics general

After Youtube rocked the TV industry, podcasts get more and more in the focus of market researchers and analysts. As written in my last podcast tracking post it is difficult to track a podcast accurate.

Recently Nielsen analytics announced that the most popular podcasts are downloaded 2 million times a month: news shows, tech shows, self-help and advice programs are in highest demand. With a podcast doing 2 million deliveries a month, Gerbrandt, vice president and general manager of the unit of VNU says a show could “conceivably generate $100,000 a month in advertiser/sponsorship revenue.” The number could be higher if there’s more than one sponsor in a show.

With the growing success of Apple’s Ipod and Microsoft’s plans with Zune the market will be more and more interesting.

If you are more intrested in the podosphere I highly recommend Frank Barnako’s Million-dollar podcasting post.


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