Google Analytics open to everybody!

Posted by admin on August 16th, 2006 filed in Google Analytics

Google Webanalytics is open to everybody! Brett Crosby, Sr. Manager, Google Analytics announced the great news in the Google Webanalytics blog. Now anyone with a website can instantly create one analytics account for free by simply visiting or by clicking on the “Analytics” tab within AdWords. 

Currently the user database of Google Analytics is estimated at about 400.000. This new release opens Google Analytics to everybody and Google finally succeeded in overcoming their inglorious soft launch (with thousands of webanalytics applications pending).

It will be interesting to see how the other vendors react to the free release (without any waiting time). Besides giving everybody the tool for free, Google’s Conversion university and Google’s authorized consultants program seem to get more people interested in webanalytics.

What also will be interesting to see if Google will integrate an innovative radio or print tracking tool.


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