Tracking Myspace marketing efforts

Trakzor Trakzor is a community driven MySpace Tracker that is available to anyone and everyone on MySpace. Installation is free and easy.

Trakzor uses an image to track visits of other Myspace users. If they also use Trakzor, you will be able to track down the detailed profile of your visitors. For visitors, who don’t use Trakzor, you only can see some little info. Another great thing about Trakzor is its integration of a Geolocation map. The Geolocation map (powered by Google) shows visitors that come to your page from cities in states.


For marketers an incredible value, which can easily be explored. Personally I am concerned about this tool, b/c it can be used by shady marketers.

What is great about this tool is that it actually works on Myspace. Tools like Statcounter have been banned. Javascript tagging is forbidden. So this is a great way to get some idea about your Myspace marketing efforts.  


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