VisiStat includes banner retargeting system

Posted by webmeasurement on September 11th, 2006 filed in Other webanalytic software

Small to medium-sized businesses looking for a decisive ebusiness advantage can now dramatically increase their web traffic and overall site performance through a single product interface. This new capability comes from a technology-integration and customer affiliate program announced today by VisiStat and Specific Media.

This is how the system works:

Step 1: Driving traffic to your website

Step 2: Identifying visitors for Retargeting

Step 3: Identifying your past visitors as they surf the web

Step 4: The consumer returns to your site to complete the sale.

Step 5: Retargeting your past website visitors all over again!

The alliance allows VisiStat customers to access Specific Media’s powerful Retargeting ad server from within the VisiStat user dashboard and gain the option to deliver ads to their former site visitors when they are identified throughout the Specific Media network.

“Retargeting is a perfect complement to the VisiStat analytics suite,” says Tina Bean, marketing director for VisiStat. “Their ability to extend the reach of your online banner ads is impressive. It’s a capability that we know our customers want, and now we’re making it a whole lot easier for them to engage it directly through their VisiStat account.”

As part of the new affiliate agreement, Specific Media will also offer its customers single-click access to VisiStat while accessing the Retargeting service at

“Like VisiStat, we have a very strong presence among SMBs,” says Steven Carter, vice president of product development for Specific Media. “Our Retargeting service allows you to serve your ad banners to users even after they leave your site. These users are very valuable because they have already expressed an interest in your product or service. Retargeting lets you find them and bring them back to your site to close the deal.”

Visistat included a great tool to push discounts or special offers to your recurring visitors. What I am not sure about is the statement, that the retargeting system allows you “to target users even after they leave your site”. I hope Visistat only allows targeting once a visitor is on the customer’s website. To run popups or banner once a visitor has left the site would be unethical.


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