Apparel Spending Grows 32 Percent

Posted by webmeasurement on November 16th, 2006 filed in Comscore

ComScore Networks today released the results of a third-quarter analysis of consumer spending in the online apparel category. During Q3 2006, total U.S. online apparel sales registered a 32-percent increase versus the same quarter last year. Sites operated by specialty retailers (such as and accounted for the largest share of sales with 46 percent of total dollars spent, followed by department store sites at 21 percent, and online pureplay sites (such as at 16 percent

Online Apparel Category
    Share of Dollars Spent by Online Site Segment
    Q3 2006 vs. Q3 2005
    Total U.S. - Home/Work/University Locations
    Source: comScore Networks
                                              Share of Dollars ($)
    Apparel Site Segment            Q3 2005         Q3 2006         Pt Chg
    Total Online Apparel             100.0%          100.0%           0.0
    Catalog                                    15.7%           13.6%          -2.2
    Department Store                  19.7%           20.8%           1.1
    Discount                                  3.4%            2.4%          -1.0
    Manufacturer                         2.0%            1.6%          -0.4
    Online Pureplay                   16.5%           15.9%          -0.7
    Specialty Store                     42.6%           45.8%           3.2

Online Apparel Category
    Percent Change: Number of Buyers, Average Order Value, Dollar Sales
    Q3 2006 vs. Q3 2005
    Total U.S. - Home/Work/University Locations
    Source: comScore Networks
                                               Q3 2006 vs. Q3 2005
                                     Number of    Average Order    Sales in
    Apparel Site Segment              Buyers           Value        Dollars
    Total Online Apparel                35%             -1%           32%
    Catalog                             19%             -3%            3%
    Department Store                    60%             -8%           43%
    Discount                           -74%             44%          -32%
    Manufacturer                        48%            -17%           -7%
    Online Pureplay                     32%              6%           23%
    Specialty Store                     48%             -2%           47%
“That the number of online retail apparel buyers is increasing so rapidly bodes well for long term category growth,” commented Rob Harles, senior vice president of comScore Networks. “Because new buyers tend to spend less online until they’ve become comfortable with the purchase process, the average order value is experiencing declines among some of the site segments. But as new buyers become acclimated to the online buying process, they ratchet up the size of their orders, which will yield significant overall sales growth in the future.”


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