New Product: WebSideStory Publish 4.0

Posted by webmeasurement on November 30th, 2006 filed in Websidestory

WebSideStory enters the CMS market. Publish 4.0, an on-demand web content management solution that enables marketers to automatically drive web site content placement based on visitor behavior captured in HBX Analytics. This integrated capability allows marketers to easily display the most popular and engaging content possible, thereby increasing visitor loyalty, web site stickiness, customer satisfaction, and even lead generation.


 Here the key features:

*  Integrating Content From External Sources - In keeping with
WebSideStory’s industry leading Web 2.0 capabilities, WebSideStory
Publish 4.0 enables marketers to easily integrate content from other
sources into their site, including RSS feeds, database information,
news articles and data from mapping services.

*  PHP-based Templating System - Using enhanced scripting capabilities
that leverage one of the most popular programming languages on the web,
WebSideStory Publish 4.0 allows for much more sophisticated content
creation.  In addition to enabling analytics-driven content, this new
system can automatically build a site map, generate site navigation
based on the architecture of a site, or make sure content meets certain
criteria, such as requiring FAQs to end in question marks.

*  Automatically Generate HBX Analytics Tags for Easy Analysis - When a
new page is created in WebSideStory Publish 4.0, an HBX web analytics
tag will automatically be customized and installed, providing for easy
implementation and analysis.

*  New and Familiar User Interface - WebSideStory has a new interface that
enables online marketers who utilize multiple applications in the
WebSideStory Suite to work in a familiar application environment with a
common look and feel.

This product looks good to me. Still I doubt that this system can work 100% automaticially. Even the tags will need some customization for each customer. Still a great idea for WSS to go in this market


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