Avenue A / Razorfish releases new media analytics papers

Posted by webmeasurement on December 5th, 2006 filed in Webanalytics general

Avenue A /Razofish released  a bunch of great insight papers in three major categories -  media analytics, Web analytics and customer relationship management. To view these papers visit Avenue A / Razorfish’s website

Just In Time Information
Joy Andrews + Carrie Cianchette, December 2006

The Collaboration Imperative
Shiv Singh, November 2006

Search is Search
Josh Palau, November 2006

Presentation Layer Best Practices
Frederic Welterlin, October 2006


The Time-Shifted Media Movement
Grant Owens, October 2006

Art of Software Engineering
Naveen Gunti, September 2006

A Web 2.0 Tour for the Enterprise
Shiv Singh, September 2006

Embrace Interactive Video Now
David Deal, August 2006

Exploring Pay-Per-Call
Shannon Gessner, July 2006

Rich Internet Applications: Better Practices for Financial Services
Stephen Turbek, July 2006

Art & Science of Digital Performance
David Deal, June 2006

Re-engineering Legacy Applications
Naveen Gunti, June 2006

Information Security
Ajay Lodha, June 2006

Identity Federation
Ram Sarma, June 2006

dotmobi Top-Level Domain Issued
Patrick Moorhead, June 2006

Improving Web Navigation with the “All-Menu” Nav
Stephen Turbek, May 2006

Understanding the Social Media Landscape
Andrew Pimentel, May 2006

VOD: The Big Picture
Patrick Moorhead, May 2006

Your Interface is your Company
Stephen Turbek, April 2006

Release your Brand to the Wild
Pete Stein, April 2006

Google-ize your Website
Pete Stein, March 2006

Mobile Advertising is for Adults Too
Jason Hoffman, March 2006

A Single Sign-On Approach
Ajay Lodha & Ram Sarma, March 2006

Podcasting: A Primer
Patrick Moorhead, March 2006

Intranet Training
Shiv Singh, February 2006

Leaping into the Portal World
Shiv Singh, February 2006

Intranet Trends to Watch For in 2006
Shiv Singh, January 2006

Online Testimonial Videos for Health Products
Patrick Moorhead, January 2006

Evolving with the Enterprise Workplace
Shiv Singh, January 2006

Say Goodbye to the Web Page
Pete Stein, January 2006

Humanizing the Digital Experience
Whitney Hutchinson, December 2005

A Calculated Risk for Brand Marketers
Pete Stein, December 2005

The New Knowledge Management Imperative
Shiv Singh & Bob Lord, November 2005

The Blogosphere
Josh Fruhlinger, September 2005

She Rules the Internet
David Deal, August 2005

The Health Portal Race
Debrianna Obara, August 2005

Google’s Trademark Policy
July 2005

Building Intranets That Matter
Shiv Singh, July 2005

Intranets that Fit
Shiv Singh, June 2005

Aiming for Deliverability: Email Best Practices
Whitney Hutchinson, June 2005

What Is Taxonomy? Organizing Content for Better Site Performance
Michael Barnwell, June 2005

The Truth About Broadband Video
Jeff Lanctot, April 2005

User Behavior and Purchase Decisions in eCommerce
Kevin Kearney, April 2005

Kiosks and Mobile POS Technologies
Anurupa Sengupta, April 2005

Re-architecture of Legacy Applications
April 2005

The New Direct in Direct Marketing
Jason Williams + Terrence Rohan, May 2005

Assessing the Business Value of Your Portal Investment
Shiv Singh, April 2005

Creating Digital Dialogs
Laura Proto, March 2005

Googlers, Preachers, and Mobile America
David Deal, March 2005

Did You Remember to Ask Your Audience?
Thomas Stinson, February 2005

Report: 2005 Online Media Outlook
January 2005

Creating Quality Personas
Shannon Ford, January 2005

Streamline Your Marketing Operations with a Marketers Portal
Kevin Dodson, January 2005

Best Practices in Analytics
Jacques Nadeau, December 2004

Targeting and Personalization
Lee Sherman, December 2004

Is Your Brand Dateable?
Mike Casey, December 2004

How This Year’s Developments in Rich Media Are Changing the Way We Do Business Online
December 2004

CRM Best Practices
Paddu Ramachandran, December 2004

Building a Metadata Based Website
December 2004

Broadband Reaches Critical Mass
November 2004

Coping with Cookie Death
November 2004

Paid Search Strategies for the Holidays
Rob Wilk, November 2004

Profit-Driven Search Strategies
Harrison Magun, November 2004

Managing the Organizational Challenges of Enterprise Portals
Malek Tayara, November 2004

Trends in Interactive Marketing & Technology
Joe Crump and Ray Velez, October 2004

The Art and Science of Marketing Online
Jenny Zeszut, October 2004

Meditations on the Customer-Driven Marketplace
Darin Brown, October 2004

Migrating your Commerce Platform
Andre Engberts and John Swadner, October 2004

Searching for the Hispanic American
David Deal, September 2004

The Kids are Alright: Marketing to Teens Online
David Deal, September 2004

Intranet Trends to Watch For
Shiv Singh, September 2004

Enterprise Portals on a Minimized Budget
Bradley Hill, September 2004

Harnessing the Power of the Customer Evangelist
Mark Doyle, August 2004

Delivering Solutions at the Speed of Business: Agile Methods / eXtreme Programming
August 2004

Build Sales Intelligence with Passive Customer Profiling
August 2004

Making Knowledge Management Work on your Intranet
Shiv Singh, July 2004

Rich Internet Applications for Revolutionary interface Design
July 2004

Digital Dashboards: Information Design for Better Business Performance Management
July 2004

Web Services for Remote Portals: An Emerging Standard
Martin Jacobs, June 2004

Value-Driven Intranet Design
Shiv Singh, April 2004

The Power of eMarketing
February 2004


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