Search Lifecycle Management™ a new trend?

Posted by admin on January 12th, 2007 filed in Webanalytics general

SmartSearch Marketing, a full-service search engine marketing agency specializing in consumer and business-to-business markets, expects Search Lifecycle Management™ (SLM) to be a major trend in 2007 based on growing interest from new and existing clients. With SML Smart Search Marketing means Pre-click and Post-click Campaign Management Services out of one hand.

“Most search marketers focus their efforts on simply finding prospects and driving them to a Web site. Some of these firms are measuring online conversions (for example searchers completing registration forms) but very few are systematically testing and improving landing pages, dramatically increasing conversion rates, and deriving business insights from Web analytics data.”

I guess Smart Search marketing is right about that. Personally I always wondered why the big webanalytics vendors limit their tools to web measurement but not advanced bid management. Webanalytics Agencies always took over that part and use different tools and connect them.

My prediction is that the first big vendor, which sells a webanalytics solution with integrated Atlas (or Bidrank) bid management and click fraud detection will clean the market. An amazing tool would even integrate some usefull SEO tools into their webanalytics solution.


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