How to report KPI’s to your management

Posted by admin on January 20th, 2007 filed in Best Practices

Often it is difficult to decide which KPI’s are important for your management and which aren’t. Numbers that matter to you probably won’t matter to your management.

Most CEO’s/COO’s don’t need the entire KPI handbook on their desk unless you want to confuse them. I often was astonished how little knowledge the management has when it comes to KPI’s and I often saw how confused a management can be when you deliver the wrong info. Your CEO might be very smart, but don’t bother her/him with KPI’s like the Percent of Low Click Depth Visits.

From my experience I think it is important to keep the reports simple and stupid unless your management has deep webanalytics knowledge. The presentation should be done with a Tacho/Speedometer or other dashboards that are easy to read. Add some class to your Excel tables and show what you are able to deliver.

I also recommend to print out reports in color. Colors are important to show changes. I usually highlight important numbers and issues that need to be adressed.

Printing out Excel sheets is a good thing as well. First of all you can double check your nonsene numbers, second of all you will make sure that your boss will take a look at it. Reports via Email might be nice, but a colored printout always looks more impressive.

After reading this you might want to know what KPI’s to report. I think it depends on each company, business model and management. It doesn’t make sense to tell you what to report. Most managers are happy to see positive simple data like ROI, unique visitors, revenues. Others are more advanced and prefer trends, rates and ratios.


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