Rumors: MSN Adcenter editor software

Posted by admin on January 24th, 2007 filed in Marketing
Lately many rumors occur…This time
about a downloadable MSN adcenter software

After a friend of mine had a bunch of MSN senior guys in his office today, he overheard them talking about some Adcenter software, which is pretty much and equivalent to the popular Google Adwords editor product.

First of all I would not post this rumor, but after digging an old MSN [Jan.2006] press release, I am convinced that this is true.

[MSN] adLab’s top-notch group of more than 50 researchers will develop advertising solutions that connect marketers with consumers in more relevant, innovative ways unseen in the industry before now. Today at the adCenter Demo Fest on the Microsoft campus, the researchers gathered to present prototypes of more than 15 of the approximately 40 advertising technologies they are currently working on for long-term implementation, including online advertising solutions, video opportunities, and television and mobile-based advertising products.

Update: MSN Demo Fest 17th January 2007:

Developed by the rapidly growing team of more than 120 Microsoft adCenter Labs researchers and engineers, technologies displayed on Wednesday are all designed to help provide the best advertising experiences for users, advertisers and developers. They include the following:

Keyword Services Platform: The platform provides a set of Web service APIs related to keyword technologies, including keyword recommendation, forecasting, categorisation and monetisation, enabling developers to build more intelligent applications for online advertising and beyond.”

Not much info from the offical site, except that they stocked up with engineers to about 120. So some of the new guys might work on that stuff. If it is true that MSN comes out with their own tool, it would be another slap in Yahoo’s face. I am not sure what Yahoo is doing right now, but it seems that the other 2 big competitors take search advertising way more serious.


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