JupiterResearch: Webtrends the leader in Market Suitability

Webtrends WebTrends announced it was recognized as the leader                   in Market  Suitability in JupiterResearch’s report.

WebTrends out-scored all other web analytics vendors for its top ranking in market suitability, which was based on product pricing, critical feature set, standard feature set and product support cost. JupiterResearch mapped and ranked WebTrends available feature set against a pre-requisite feature set as determined by JupiterResearch, and interviewed vendor clients to assess the strength and availability of its services.

Good job Webtrends! I am happy that Webtrends is agressive in their pricing. I always said that high-end tools currently overcharge their clients. Especially when it comes to hosted solutions where exorbitant fees are charged. Webtrends is a great exception.

By the end of February I will make a list of webanalytics vendor awards. This year seems to be a new record of awards for the top 5 vendors. Personally I think it is pretty unnecessary to give away 20 different awards for the sake of PR. But what do I know?


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