Visualization with Excel 2007

I just got my Microsoft Excel 2007 .And you need to get it too!

I just got the new Office 2007 package yesterday, which finally helped me getting over OpenOffice, which is great, but I was just not patient enough to study every single button again.

The new Excel 2007 is a killer product for everybody that works with data. I really haven’t been so excited about a simple new software from Microsoft for a while, but the new Excel is just incredible. I will add some info tom, but feel free to checkout the screenshots from below:

Above screenshot shows Dashboard from Excel pros Done w. Excel 2003! UI is Excel 2007. Screenshots below are made with Excel/Office 2007.


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    February 8th, 2007 05:59

    Sorry mate, phrases like “And you need to get it too!” or “the new Excel is just incredible” makes me feel as if I’m reading an advertisement. None of your other posts I’ve followed recently had this marketing touch.

    I think your niche was nice and interesting. However, you advertising products is not why I added your feed to my Google Reader.

    Goodbye and if you have some interest in keeping your visitors don’t do marketing, do science.

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    February 8th, 2007 06:52

    Thanks for your honest words and I am sorry to see you go.
    I can assure you that I am not affiliated with any MS office related people and I don’t get any commission. If I want to promote a prdouct, I would do this in a much smarter way.
    I also believe Microsoft doesn’t need my help.

    As said in the post, I just like the new Excel 2007 product and I believe it finally has the ability to create much better stats.

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    February 8th, 2007 08:39

    While I’m flattered that you chose a visualization that I created for your post, I find it a bit misleading because that particular exercise doesn’t require Excel 2007 - it can (and was done) in Excel 2003.

    Additionally, couple of folks whose opinion I trust about data visualization aren’t so upbeat about Excel 2007 (neither am I).

    Juice Analytics on Excel 2007
    Stephen Few on Excel 2007

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    February 8th, 2007 09:17

    I am glad you are flattered and thanks for letting me use your great tachometer! I will add your site to my Links channel in order to make up for it ;-)
    The impression that you got from the main Tacho pic was wrong and I probably should have used another screenshot as the main picture, because you could not do this stuff in Excel 2003. Your’s just looked better for an webanalytics blog!

    It is obvious that the “Tachometer” doesn’t need Excel 2007, but the new style galleries and a massive expansion of functionality made my(!) life much easier.
    -Rows and capacity(Instead of 60.000 rows you now can use about 1.000.000 rows).
    - CUBEKPIMEMBER function
    - Smarter graphics, esp. color schemes

    If you are a high-end user (as you and your folks seem to be), I am sorry to have stepped on your toes. For the “average” webanalyst I still believe the new Excel is great.

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