Posted by admin on March 12th, 2007 filed in Other webanalytic software
Visitorlogs Visitorlogs - looks good, but sign up is broken.

I am not sure if it is only me, but another tool that used to be working end of last summer is down:

Microsoft VBScript compilation error ‘800a0400′

Expected statement

/NewSiteUser.asp, line 3

Option Explicit

Visitorlogs features weren’t bad at all, but maybe they are another Google analytics casualty or just the disinclination to invest in the highly competitive free webanalytics market.

Update: Never mind! I haven’t checked the error message immediately, but now I did it. Firefox issue during sign up. That’s it. With IE it works well. But seriously….it’s 2007. People use Firefox as well. I won’t bother now. The tool looks good, basic reports, campaign tracking, conversion tracking….not much to add.

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