Reinvigorate launched in closed beta

Posted by admin on May 19th, 2007 filed in Other webanalytic software

There has been some buzz about a new web analytics tool called Reinvigorate. Bloggers named it “the best hosted solution” or posted “everything I wished Google Analytics to be”.

Like many others I am still in the loop of getting an invitation, so I haven’t seen much, but what I have googled and seen on the screenshots below, showed me, that there is not a feature which I haven’t seen before. Their UI and dashboards looks pretty good. Still I don’t want to write about a product, which I haven’t tested yet.


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3 Responses to “Reinvigorate launched in closed beta”

  1. Christian Scholz Says:

    I am here and there using it but I also must say that feature-wise it’s not more then e.g. Google Analytics. Even less as you cannot set goals for instance. Probably more but I am not too deep into any of them.

    (maybe the live tracking feature is something different where you can watch who is on if you assigned names to them although I don’t really know how to do that ;-) )

  2. Webanalyticsbook Says:

    Thanks Christian,

    Your are right on:
    Live tracking is something that Google Analytics is missing. Let’s see how Feedburner will affect their Analytics tool.

  3. Rothemund » Blog Archive » Webanalytics Tools Says:

    […] you a good overview. I read about reinvigorate, a webanalytics tool which is still in beta, on (why the hell is a search missing on that blog? I had to use Google to find the post about […]

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