Clickable - new PPC management tool

Posted by admin on July 4th, 2007 filed in Marketing
Clickable Clickable - new PPC management tool from New York

Union Square Ventures just invested in new PPC management company Clickable.

Clickable manages all PPC campaigns across multiple search engines. Clickable’s proprietary technologies monitor search

marketing campaign performance, providing actionable alerts and analytics that allow advertisers to maximize their

advertising return on investment (ROI). Currently Clickable is only available in private beta.

I wonder why a large VC company would invest in a company that provides a service that other companies already have

taken care of. In order to figure that out, I would need a beta account…


2 Responses to “Clickable - new PPC management tool”

  1. Bill Hartzer Says:

    Clickable is actually a pretty cool service. They have a few different features that other services/software packages don’t have, and you’re right, you have to actually use it to completely understand it.

  2. admin Says:

    I will definitely test it out…once I have an account. An alternative to the Atlas and Co. is always welcome!

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