My bad Ebay experience part II

Posted by admin on September 3rd, 2007 filed in Offtopic

If you have read the previous post about my bad experience with Ebay, it’s hard to believe that it gets any better:
I finally re-listed the item and the first two prospect buyers had questions:

1. An electronic wholesale shop in Russia, which apparently is intrested in something else:

Dear fridnds: We are a wholesaler which deal with elec-tro-nic product, such as: Mo-bile,T-V,P-C,D-V,D-C,games,MP-3 Even mo-tor-cycles and mu-sical in-struments.sending items by EMS to our customers around the world, we have good coorpation relationships with many international customers friends, we could accept payment of paypal and BANK welcome to our website and enjoy your purchase the fellowing is our historical tracking number which we had sent to our customers EAxxxxx EAxxx ,keeping happy realationship email tel:xxx3472635 website:www xxxcom your faithfully

2. A fake user with 0 reviews trying to give me a great offer:

y yo man… i got itemxxx how bout i send u that.and give u 200 dollars and u lemme get the item yyy please

Ebay auctions are really no more fun. Two of my current bidders have also 0 reviews and signed up with Ebay a few weeks :-)

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