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Clicktracks wins product of the year award

Clicktracks Clicktracks wins a 2006 Product of the Year Award
from Small Business Technology Magazine

The Product of the Year Awards program recognizes outstanding technology products that improve key functions in a small business, such as business operations, management, marketing and sales, productivity and financial management, in addition to critical technology areas such as security and infrastructure. 2006 honorees were selected from nearly 300 entries and comprise four categories: Top 10, Finalists, Products to Watch and Products that Get the Job Done.

Congrats to Clicktracks! Keep up the good work.


New webanalytics videos

John Marshall , CEO of Clicktracks, continues its series of online video webanalytics classes. His newest class is about

cookies and it’s role in webanalytics.

Here all the episodes:

The Episode Guide:
1. Why Analyze?
2: Intro to Web Analytics
3: Data Collection
4: Data Accuracy
5: Affecting Change with Analytics
6: Segmentation

If you are interested in these videos click here.


Free webinars: ClickTracks Live Overview

More free webinars: Entitled the ‘ClickTracks Live Overview’, the Webinars consist of online demonstrations of ClickTracks Web analytics products and services starting in January 2007. The Webinars cover everything from how to segment visitors to how to set up revenue tracking. The online demonstrations also give customers tips and insights on interpreting specific results and are the only Web analytics virtual tutorials of this nature.

If you are interested sign up here.


ClickTracks Certification. How can I get it?

Louisville-based interactive agency LeapFrog Interactive is making a strategic push to further develop their expertise in search engine marketing. Already having certified three of only 233 Google™ Adwords Qualified advertising professionals in the United States, as well as four Yahoo!® Search Marketing Ambassadors, the LFI Interactive Marketing Team has recently completed certification in another leading analytics software: ClickTracks.

I am also a “certified” Adwords professional and Yahoo ambassador, but how the hell can I get a certificate w. Clicktracks. Anybody an idea?


Clicktracks discount

With the 2006 holiday season just around the corner,  ClickTracksis offering a discount  on both ClickTracks Analyzer and ClickTracks Optimizer  the company’s entry-level and mid-level web metrics
products for small businesses and online marketers.

ClickTracks Analyzer will be on sale for $295 (regularly $495) and ClickTracks Optimizer for $795
 (regularly $1195) through October 31, 2006. “Market estimates show this will be a record online
 selling season, and in some cases, the holiday season   represents as much as 50 percent of a retailer’s annual
 sales. Having the best tools to draw visitors to a site  and to close sales is critical to their economic success.
 ClickTracks is discounting two of its flagship products  to give etailers extra selling power in Holiday 2006,”
 says Michael Stebbins, ClickTracks’ Vice President of  Marketing.

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Clicktracks sold for more than $10 million

Clicktrackslogo Web Analytics firm ClickTracks Analytics Inc. announced plans to join Lyris Technologies, EmailLabs and Hot Banana as subsidiaries of marketing technology provider J.L. Halsey

Market and Product Acceleration Planned

Halsey will contribute to the acceleration of ClickTracks product development, marketing, sales and support capabilities. “ClickTracks is one of the fastest growing web analytics companies serving the SMB market.” said David Burt, CEO of J.L. Halsey. “We look forward to seeing additional innovative ClickTracks products on the market – more quickly and well integrated with other vital online marketing tools.”

“ClickTracks growth has been entirely organic for the past four years,” ClickTracks CEO John Marshall pointed out. “Being a part of J.L. Halsey now opens up a significant opportunity for ClickTracks to serve a larger customer base with expanded support, new integrations and quicker time to market with our upcoming features and products.”

Integration Plans

ClickTracks web analytics is a key part of a set of integrated products that include email marketing and web content management for small and mid-sized businesses. While maintaining current integrations, ClickTracks has mapped out seamless integrations for analysis of email campaign results, AB split testing, and web site changes throughout the new family of products over the next 12 to 18 months.


ClickTracks will operate as an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of J.L. Halsey and will continue to invest in R&D, sales and marketing and enhance their award-winning technologies. John Marshall will continue as ClickTracks CEO and no restructuring actions are planned for the company.

Great success for John and his team. Their strategy was always very smart.


Top Ten E-mail Marketing Tips

No, I won’t tell you the top 10 tips! But Dr. Ralph Wilson will teach you for free! Join the Clicktracks webanalytics and marketing online class on August 21 and 22, 2006

In this live interactive class, Dr. Wilson will reveal to site owners and marketers his top ten e-mail marketing tips. Dr. Wilson will also show that mastering e-mail marketing is possible even in this age of spam and provide insight on how to make sure that you comply with the new CAN-SPAM Act.


Robots Simulation View, Historical data analysis and click fraud

Clicktrackslogo The guys from Clicktracks are ready for the SES in San Jose. The famous and kind booth staff, that somehow holds always  beer in their hands, will show attendees how to:

Travel back in time: Staffers will prove that it really is possible to go back in time and compare Clicktracks-archived web pages with new pages through ClickTracks’ famous overlay view.
Get their money back: Staffers will exhibit a click fraud analysis technique that singles out campaigns worthy of a click fraud refund
See what the robots see: Metricscasters will demonstrate a new “Robot Simulation View” that displays your web site through the eyes of a search engine spider.
Get the scoop on AB Splits: The boys will reveal ClickTracks’ three-click AB Split and Multivariate Analysis process
Connect the dots: Staffers will show why search engine ranking should be integrated with keyword performance analysis
Additionally the CEO John Marshall will be talking about “some new persuasion analysis techniques that reveal the influence level of pages or groups of pages”.

Clicktracks will also run a lottery (Lottolytics) scratch off lottery tickets that offer attendees a chance to create their own discounts on ClickTracks’ software products.

Not $10k like the guys from, but at least the chance to get a discount. It is also exciting to see how the robots simulation will be integrated in Clicktracks. I usually run simple SEO tools like Linkvendor , Dead links or SEO Chat’s Spider simulator


Clicktracks understood and reports record sales

Clicktracks Analytics Inc. today reports new record sales. The revenue growth is 19.5 percent up from Q1 2006 and a 60 percent increase over the same quarter in 2005.

Clicktracks is obviously doing a great job and connecting to the webmaster scene. In comparison to other vendors they really understood the needs of small and medium size websites. Their new Click fraud report system is exactly what webmasters are looking for years and none of the well-known tracking tools offered an acceptable solution.

Two months ago I visited their booth at Pubcon and had a great discussion with one of their guys. I also joined some of their free SEO / SEM / Webanalytic classes, which are an enrichment for everybody. Usually this classes are boring b/c they start from the basics. But I guarantee that you will have one moment where you catch something, which is incredible worth for your work. It always happens to me and I take this sessions for my motivation. The next seminar will be about Top E-mail Marketing Tips & Tricks with Dr. Ralph Wilson, author and internet marketing Guru.

As mentioned in the press release ….”the heightened awareness of PPC click fraud has become a main driver of new sales at ClickTracks. Site owners use ClickTracks software to measure ad performance, check for prior fraud and apply for refunds”

Congratulations Clicktracks! I tested many webanalytic tools and most of them totally failed when it comes to tracking click fraud. It seems like some vendors don’t even know how webmasters can claim clickfraud with Google and Co.

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