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Coremetrics adds automated bidding

Coremetrics Search 2007 integrates comprehensive LIVE Profiles data and granular keyword analysis with automated bidding and support for Yahoo! V2 online advertising platform

The new version of Coremetrics Search is the first paid search management application to fully integrate automated bidding with in-depth analysis, powered by Coremetrics LIVE Profiles, so that the entire search marketing program can be managed from within a single interface. The company has added a comprehensive Campaign Landing Page Report and detailed Keyword Zoom features to help marketers increase the relevance of their programs. It has also introduced an automated bid management system, which reduces the administrative burden of search management, allowing marketers to focus on more valuable, revenue-generating activities.
Big Big steps for Coremetrics. An integrated bid mangement is what everybody is looking for. SEM, SEO and Webanalytics are one big field! No matter what David Pasternack or others say. Depending on the quality of Comscore’s new tool, Atlas bid management just added one more serious competitor.


Coremetrics 2007

Coremetrics is launching a comprehensive range of tools which enable organizations to implement more scientific, data-driven and proactive online marketing programs. Coremetrics 2007 builds on Coremetrics’ robust web analytics platform, enabling marketers to turn granular analytical data into clear marketing activity plans instantly.

Coremetrics Online Analytics Enhancements

Coremetrics 2007 adds significant new capabilities for companies in the travel, financial services and content delivery spaces, including:

  • Action Ready Reports - an executive-level set of reports available in an automated and easy-to-distribute Microsoft Excel notebook format, viewable on or offline. Action Ready Reports extend the reach of the Coremetrics platform to those without direct access to the Coremetrics interface.
  • Conversion Events - a set of reports that track the relative value of potentially thousands of discrete events that represent non-commerce related website goals, such as downloading information, registering for a newsletter or signing up for a gift registry. For example, a media website may value the completion a subscription twice as much as a visitor interacting with a game. The new Conversion Events functionality enables organizations to assess the performance of various content or marketing programs in achieving their goals.
  • Dimensions Report - analyzes details surrounding online bookings, enabling travel providers to track information such as the website where the booking originated, the relative success of different brands or geographies, and attributes such as room size or seat classification. The Dimensions Report can also be tailored to meet the ad hoc dimensional reporting needs of other new customers.
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Coremetrics today announced that Blair Corporation has selected Coremetrics as its analytics platform. Coremetrics’ integration with IBM Websphere Commerce Suite, and its ability to integrate with email service provider Silverpop, and SAS Marketing Automation, were key factors in the selection process.

Blair is a multi-channel, direct marketer of women’s, men’s and home fashions ranked among America’s top ten consumer apparel catalogers and is listed in the 2006 Internet Retailer Top 100 report. “We were looking for a single source of data for all our online activities,” said Darren Schott, senior director of e-commerce at Blair. “We had data elements coming from multiple sources and sometimes saw discrepancies. Coremetrics offered an integrated, multi-channel solution that will provide us with one reliable source of reports based on a common set of data.”

Blair also plans to use Coremetrics’ targeted marketing strategy to better understand the needs of its consumers as well as enhance its exceptional customer service. By identifying groups of buyers that share common traits, Blair will be able to tailor its offering based on the merchandise choices these groups commonly make.

As part of its continuing commitment to customer service, Blair will use Coremetrics’ visualization tools to further improve its online retail site. By examining low performing pages, Blair’s creative team will gain insight into techniques for reducing abandonment and increasing conversion rates. “We expect widespread adoption of Coremetrics’ tools beyond the e-commerce group,” said Rob Hosick, web analyst at “With Coremetrics’ easy-to-use interface and intuitive reports, product information jumps off the page, meaning our merchants won’t need to crunch numbers to measure the success of their programs.”


Coremetrics better for online retailers?

Coremetrics today announced that more of the Top 500 online retailers use Coremetrics than any other analytics provider. The Internet Retailer Top 500 is the industry’s definitive ranking of America’s largest e-retailers.

For the fourth consecutive year, Coremetrics tops the list of Web analytics providers, with online retail clients in every category. Further analysis of this year’s list reveals that 36% of the retailers with the largest growth in dollars are using Coremetrics.

Coremetrics is definitely one of the top 5 vendors everybody should look into.

When I tested their system it was clear that they focus on online retailers. Some features are really unique and of great value. I believe it is a very smart move to distinguish themselves and to stay out of Omniture’s and Websidestory’s battle zone.