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New Product: WebSideStory Publish 4.0

WebSideStory enters the CMS market. Publish 4.0, an on-demand web content management solution that enables marketers to automatically drive web site content placement based on visitor behavior captured in HBX Analytics. This integrated capability allows marketers to easily display the most popular and engaging content possible, thereby increasing visitor loyalty, web site stickiness, customer satisfaction, and even lead generation.

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SEMDirector and WebSideStory Partner

SEMDirector Inc.  and WebSideStory Inc. today announced the creation of a formal partnership. By integrating SEMDirector’s portfolio of search marketing automation products with WebSideStory HBX Analytics, the two organizations will offer customers a robust solution to drive improvements in search engine marketing and online advertising.

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WebSideStory launches Active Browsing

WebSideStory announced the industry’s firstCommercially available Ajax-enabled site search solution. This capability, Called Active Browsing, is an extended service of WebSideStory Search and enables any e-commerce site to integrate one of Web 2.0’s enabling technologies, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), into their product search results. The result is greatly enhanced speed and interactivity, and an improved customer shopping experience in which shoppers are able to engage in “clickless browsing” the ability to preview additional product facets and “more like this” categories just by rolling their mouse over specific search results.

Last year, The Gap received industry wide attention for spending a reported US$10 million to deliver this same type of “quick look”product functionality to its web site as part of a major Ajax-enabled redesign. Active Browsing is available from WebSideStory at a fraction of this cost and can deliver value for any online business model. Active Browsing is currently live on “When you make online shopping faster, easier, you create a morepersuasive experience, that leads to better conversions and more loyalcustomers,” said Bryan Eisenberg, the co-founder of Future Now, Inc., a NewYork City marketing firm, and the author of two New York Times best-sellingbusiness books, Call to Action and Waiting For Your Cat to Bark? “ActiveBrowsing is demonstrably better than virtually every e-tailer’s currentoffering.”

Active Browsing works by transforming site search into a highlyinteractive application that accesses server data optimally, and allows foruser interface innovations such as “bubbles” that overlay the page to providemore information and navigation choices. This enables visitors to speedthrough product search results and related facets — color, size, gender,etc. — without having to reload the page every time. Active Browsing lays the foundation for additional product capabilities that will take sitesearch to whole new levels of interactivity, including more intuitiveinteraction conventions and user interfaces. Advanced Ajax implementations attravel sites like are credited with having positive impacts on bothuser experience and market share. Hitwise, an online competitive service,recently reported that’s market share has surged in the last sixmonths — an increase that one travel industry analyst attributed to the useof Ajax. Google Maps is another popular example of Ajax in action.”Active Browsing is incredible,” said Susan Aldrich, a senior vicepresident at Patricia Seybold Group and one of the top site search analystsin the industry. “With many e-commerce sites, I almost get motion sicknesshaving to click back and forth between different products and facets. Notwith Active Browsing. It enables you to get key merchandising informationwhile staying focused and engaged on the product. I think it’s fair to saythat a majority of shoppers will be clamoring for this type of experiencewithin the next year. With Active Browsing, WebSideStory adds yet anothervaluable innovation to its solutions.”


Paid Search beats Conversion Rates of Organic Search

Websidestory today announced the results of a new study that shows paid search has only a slight 9 percent edge in conversion rates over organic search. In a study of leading business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce sites during the first eight months of this year, paid search — keywords bought on a pay-per-click basis at search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN — had a median order conversion rate of 3.40 percent at business-to-consumer e-commerce sites using the company’s award-winning HBX Analytics technology.

Paid v. Organic Search
    Median Order Conversion Rates at Business to Consumer E-Commerce Sites
    Jan.-Aug. 2006

    Marketing Channel                 Conversion Rate
    Paid Search                       3.40%
    Organic Search                    3.13%
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Major Las Vegas hotels select WebSideStory’s HBX

The Venetian, one of Las Vegas’ premier luxury resort hotels and casinos, has selected its on-demand web analytics solution, HBX Analytics, to help generate more room reservations and tickets sales via its web site.  

WebSideStory adds to its growing list of travel and entertainment clients, including major hotel chains, airlines, cruise lines and entertainment properties. Last month, WebSideStory announced the signing of another major Las Vegas hotel and casino, the Wynn Las Vegas.

The Venetian, operated by the Las Vegas Sands Corp., decided to upgrade its web analytics solution as part of a major new online initiative designed to improve the customer experience and increase revenue. It selected WebSideStory following an extensive review of several major web analytics vendors. WebSideStory rose to the top of the list for several reasons, including its detailed marketing campaign analysis, multimedia tracking capabilities, and proven customer support, including professional services. Another consideration was WebSideStory’s support for Unicode characters, which enables clients to accurately measure web site usage in European and Asian languages. The Venetian recently opened a sister property in Macau, a territory in southern China, and will soon have a Chinese language web site to support.

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WebSideStory to Highlight Web 2.0 Capabilities

WebSideStory, Inc. a provider of digital marketing and analytics solutions, has announced that it will highlight its industry leading Web 2.0 capabilities as part of its ActiveInsights user forum Oct. 3-5 at the Crowne Plaza in New York City. WebSideStory CEO Jeff Lunsford, Organic CEO Mark Kingdon and industry leading customers and partners will demonstrate, among other things, how WebSideStory is using these technologies to maximize the performance and capabilities of its own enterprise applications.

Kingdon will deliver the keynote address, entitled “Overcoming Blind Spots: Understanding Engagement Metrics in a Web 2.0 Universe,” focusing on how the advent of AJAX, RSS feeds, Flash, online video and other Web 2.0 technologies are changing the way people interact with the web, and how standard HTML-focused web analytics solutions are creating “blind spots” for marketers. Kingdon will present a case study on how HBX Analytics helped his interactive marketing firm overcome these obstacles, including tracking and optimizing an AJAX and RSS-intensive project for DaimlerChrysler, a joint customer. More than 500 people are expected to attend the three-day event.

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Websidestory on it’s way to launch integrated Podcast / RSS tracking

Websidestory announced the improvement of their product. Download tracking of RSS feeds and podcasts will be integrated in their new Version 3.6. The RSS tracking will be free for current Websidestory customers but will require further implementation. 

A great long awaited feature that finally gets done. I hope that Websidestory and other big webanalytics vendors approach RSS a little bit out of the box. Features as Feedburner offers should be included.

Tracking a feed and publishing the numbers of Feed subscribers can have a huge marketing impact for a website and can have a massive impact on the recognition of a webanalytics vendor. Feedburner’s and other RSS tracking solutions are a prove of the success.


ActiveInsights New York

Websidestory’s ActiveInsights Fall ‘06 will kick off with exciting keynote speakers, as well as updates on company strategy and the latest Active Marketing Suite product news. Day two of ActiveInsights features a full day of WebSideStory’s Digital Marketing University. If this sounds interesting to you sign up here.

 ActiveInsights will take place October 10-12 and feature a full day of WebSideStory’s Digital Marketing University, an expanded product gallery and additional breakout sessions. Learn industry trends from luminaries like Bryan Eisenberg, co-founder of Future Now, Inc; Mark Kingdon, Chief Executive Officer of leading digital marketing agency Organic, and more!

This exclusive event is only open to customers of WebSideStory’s Active Marketing Suite™ (HBX Analytics, Search, Publish and Bid). Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to hear from thought leaders, luminaries, expert practitioners, senior executives, and your peers on the latest trends in online marketing.

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Websidestory publishes survey about Firefox usage

Websidestory publishes the Firefox browser usage for the US and Europe. Results are astonishing:

 Browser Usage Share
    June 2006

    Country/       Internet       Firefox    Other (Safari,    Daily Sample
    Browser        Explorer                  Opera, Netscape)   Size per
   (all versions)                                  

    Germany       65.04%        26.80%         8.16%          2,181,802
    France          82.27%        14.89%         2.84%          1,053,701
    Italy             84.76%        12.46%         2.78%          678,166
    Spain           88.12%         9.86%          2.02%          767,382
    U.K.            88.78%         8.82%           2.40%          6,537,577
    U.S.            86.64%         9.95%           3.45%         49,732,535


    - Browser usage share is the percentage of visitors from a particular
      country that are using one particular browser over another on the web.
      WebSideStory does not measure downloads, only active browsers on the

    - WebSideStory’s global sample size is one of the largest of its kind,
      representing nearly 80 million Internet users per day. WebSideStory has
      more than 1,300 enterprise customers worldwide, including some of the
      most heavily trafficked sites on the web.

 ”For whatever reason, Germans have always seemed to embrace alternatives to Microsoft when it comes to web browsers,” said Geoff Johnston, a WebSideStory analyst. “Netscape was also very popular in Germany during the late 1990s. Firefox appears to have a stronger foothold in some European countries than in the U.S. Most of these gains appear to have come at the expense of Microsoft.”

Not really astonishing to me:

Up to 50% of German employees work for state institutions or state related companies, which are traditionally paranoid of data mining, spam, browser hijacking and other evil things.

Also German state institutions like universities with hundred thousands of students supports Firefox (before Netscape) for years. IE never had a good reputation.

 Let’s see if Websidestory did a good job and compare with my own numbers:

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