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Google Analytics reporting delayed…so what?

Google Webanalytics is down and everybody is freaking out about it. It is enough with sensationlism and linkbait.

Yes! Google Analytics is down (for 2 days), but who really cares? Anybody, who is working as a webanalyst or works in this industry with a hosted solution had problems with the availability of his tool. Whether it is Websidestory, Omniture or any other software product. Additionally Google Analytics has also only a temporary reporting delay due to system maintenance. That means no data is lost!
So let’s all calm down. No reason to panic.


Infopia - the Ebay tracker

infopia.gif Infopia recently launched a new tool to track
e-commerce efforts, especially Ebay auctions.

Key functionalities include:

-Operational Reports to streamline your selling process
-Performance Analytics to discover what products sell best on which marketplaces
-Website Analytics to understand how your website is performing
-eBay Market Data to uncover listing and selling data for your product 

I haven’t tested it yet, but the software seems to be very powerful for Ebay sellers. I am not a big ebay seller anymore, but I believe the usage of Infopia can be a huge advantage over other professional Ebay sellers. Ultimately a better pricing and listing decision can maximize the profits and outperform other competitors.

Maybe with a large distribution of this tool we will see more interest in webanalytics from the Ebay crowd.