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Google Analytics site search now available to Google Mini customers

Google Analytics integrated. Google Mini users can easily set their Google Analytics ID in the administration interface of Mini.
This is a great move from Google. Not only all Google Mini customers will be happy, but also Google Analytics will be more interesting for larger websites . Websidestory, which acquired Atomz a while ago, has now another serious competitor to their dominant site search product.


More than 150 financial institutions have implemented HBX

Websidestory Digital Insight Corp., the leading
on-demand banking provider, has selected HBX Analytics

WebSideStory will be integrated into Digital Insights Web Center (now Intuit), a self-service website content management system designed specifically to help financial institutions manage their online presence. Since the agreement was finalized in November 2006, more than 150 financial institutions have implemented HBX Analytics.

Very Impressive! I guess I know now what Websidestory was doing over the last months. I thought Omniture got further ahead of the game, but their biggest competitor doesn’t seem to loose speed.