Goodbye Wordpress, Hello Squarespace!

I get it: Wordpress is for the nerdy kids and Squarespace is for the...well.. spoiled hobby webmaster Millennials. Whatever! After sitting on my Wordpress blog(s) for several years generating passive income without really doing much,  I finally decided that it is time to move on.

Here my reasons why switching from WP to Squarespace made sense:

1. Maintenance

Yes, a common excuse, but I am just tired of making sure, that stuff in Wordpress is upgraded and running properly. Automation is there, but if I don't check the updates and test server performance regularly,  I just don't want to blog. 

2. Security

My WP blog got hacked several years ago. A small SQL injection. Nothing major, but I've never wanted to go in and dig into the site, even after seeing that some of the traffic got re-directed.

3. G! Updates

Managing your own theme is annoying, esp. when G! starts requesting a mobile-friendly site or just a move to https. 

4. Functionality

Squarespace is well done & it covers all basics. Period!

5. Time

Obviously a loser excuse, but I blame my kids on this one. It's just more fun playing bumper cars than diving in another WP issue all weekend.

Long story short: I still love WP as I still have tons of sites running on it. But Squarespace, Wix and a bunch of others earned their right for existence. In this case consumer friendliness beats hyper-customization.