A few thoughts on why marketers should look into Etsy

While the stock market is finally getting a bit of a hang of Etsy's business, marketers still haven't taken it seriously.  Some time ago digital marketers moved their focus away from the search engines, towards new platforms such as FB, Twitter, Youtube and even Amazon. Etsy, however, is a massive marketplace, that is still completely underutilized and I am surprised, that gold digging marketers, who usually jump on anything that promises to make a quick buck, haven't gotten into optimizing Etsy's algo. Especially shops, that sell digital goods, show massive sales numbers without many people noticing.

A few examples:

I) Posh Patterns - A knitting pattern shop for children's hats. ~40000 sales. Look close: These are not the actually hats, but PDFs of patterns!

II.  ThinkPinkBows - Children's bows. Almost 200k sales and 51000 admirers. Baby pics always work!

Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 8.56.51 PM.png

III. Distingtly - Handstamped jewelry with almost 100k sales and 20k admirers. Customized jewelry is easily to buy and should be easy to market. People love to get unique gifts and I am sure social sites are driving most sales here.