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Clicktracks sold for more than $10 million

Posted by webmeasurement on August 23rd, 2006 filed in Clicktracks
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Clicktrackslogo Web Analytics firm ClickTracks Analytics Inc. announced plans to join Lyris Technologies, EmailLabs and Hot Banana as subsidiaries of marketing technology provider J.L. Halsey

Market and Product Acceleration Planned

Halsey will contribute to the acceleration of ClickTracks product development, marketing, sales and support capabilities. “ClickTracks is one of the fastest growing web analytics companies serving the SMB market.” said David Burt, CEO of J.L. Halsey. “We look forward to seeing additional innovative ClickTracks products on the market – more quickly and well integrated with other vital online marketing tools.”

“ClickTracks growth has been entirely organic for the past four years,” ClickTracks CEO John Marshall pointed out. “Being a part of J.L. Halsey now opens up a significant opportunity for ClickTracks to serve a larger customer base with expanded support, new integrations and quicker time to market with our upcoming features and products.”

Integration Plans

ClickTracks web analytics is a key part of a set of integrated products that include email marketing and web content management for small and mid-sized businesses. While maintaining current integrations, ClickTracks has mapped out seamless integrations for analysis of email campaign results, AB split testing, and web site changes throughout the new family of products over the next 12 to 18 months.


ClickTracks will operate as an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of J.L. Halsey and will continue to invest in R&D, sales and marketing and enhance their award-winning technologies. John Marshall will continue as ClickTracks CEO and no restructuring actions are planned for the company.

Great success for John and his team. Their strategy was always very smart.

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