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Is my blog optimized?

Posted by webmeasurement on September 1st, 2006 filed in Marketing

Randfish over at SEOMOZ posted some great advice on how to optimize a blog to increase traffic. I tested this blog and here are the results:

1. Choose the Right Blog Software (or Custom Build)

I chose WordPress, but worked with Moveable type.

2. Host Your Blog Directly on Your Domain

I tried, but terribly failed b/c of a bad decision I made when I registered the domain with a cheap hosting company.

3. Write Title Tags with Two Audiences in Mind

I don’t care abou this one. Titles need to be clear and not optimized for search engines. Good content will bring good traffic.

4. Participate at Forums & Blogs

Done, but only once in a while. 

5. Tag Content
Not done. I might do that whenever I have time.

6. Launch Without Comments (and Add Them Later)
Too late now :-)

7. Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon
Hopefully this blog is “unique, different and valuable”?

8. Link Intelligently

Not done until I move the blog to the domain

9. Invite Guest Bloggers

Great idea. I probably will do so.  

10. Eschew Advertising
This blog is definitely not about money. There are easier ways than making money from blog traffic

11. Go Beyond Text in Your Posts

Didn’t you see the nice graphs and pics?

12. Cover Topics that Need Attention
I know that I should do so…

13. Pay Attention to Your Analytics
This is a great tip. I fully agree

14. Use a Human Voice

I don’t fully agree with this tip.

15. Archive Effectively

Too early.

16. Implement Smart URLs
Too early again

17. Reveal as Much as Possible

That is definitely coming….

18. Only One Post in Twenty Can Be Linkbait
“Linkbait”. What is this? :-)

19. Only One Post in Twenty Can Be Linkbait
Not sure if this niche blog will make it into Digg, but the tip is great.

20. Create Expectations and Fulfill Them

No comment on this one.

21. Build a Brand

I am working on it

My Conclusion:

This blog needs work.

My (cheap) excuse: 

I just launched this blog about a month ago and made the terrible mistake with the hosting / domain registration company, which does not support Wordpress. They also don’t allow DNS changes. I basically locked my domain with this company for 60 days. Luckily the 60 days end next week.

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