Microsoft Analytics Upgrade

Just got notice that Microsoft Analytics Beta is currently being upgraded. Here the new features:

  • A centralized, customizable dashboard where you can see key
    campaign performance indicators at a glance.
  • New visitor Path reports, plus Top Entry and Exit Pages reports, to
    help you gain insights about visitor behavior.
  • Age and gender clusters that help you understand the demographic
    breakdown of your audience.
  • A holistic view of campaign performance across all search engines
    to help manage your return on investment (ROI) on all your
    pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

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July 21st, 2008

Time Warner Cable Moved Me To Canada

Sometimes it’s tough to be dependant on all these monopoly companies: Last Tuesday I finally got a new Inet access, a boring Cable TV box and some phone modem, that I don’t need.

Anyways…it seems like Time Warner’s triple play is not only a total waste of my time, but also the Inet seems to hooked up with an Canadian IP. Google, Ebay and Amazon kick me to their Canadian site, instead leaving me in New York (where I belong).

Quite funny to see who has Geo recognition setup and I haven’t checked it yet, but I believe this blogs web analytics data has an increase in Canadian traffic (I currently don’t block my IPs for private sites)

Anyways…I certainly can work around this, but did anybody experienced the same issue?

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July 20th, 2008

Sometrics Social Analytics Partnering With Appssavvy

Sometrics, a new social and facebook apps analytics solution announced
today,that starting today, developers working with Sometrics can choose
to share with appssavvy basic analytic information about who’s using
their apps and how - including audience demographics, traffic,
interests and actions within the social web. appssavvy proactively
seeks out advertisers who want to reach those audiences,
significantly increasing a developer’s advertising.
The process is entirely opt-in for Sometrics developers - each developer decides whether
or not to share its demographic data with appssavvy.Interesting approach.
Would be great if Web analytics vendors would use the collected data to help data to help
out websites finding good advertisers. I guess especially big companies like Omniture
could open a totally new revenue stream.

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July 17th, 2008

Microsoft Is Back In The Game

Oh my god: I have waited for this news for decades years and blogged about it before: Microsoft is testing a serious Adsense competitor. Here the email that Techcrunch published:

“Dear xxxxxx:

Thank you for your recent completion of the self-submission form on
the Microsoft adCenter site for this program. Below is more information
for you about the pilot. I can answer general questions you may have
about participation. Please let me know if you would like to proceed
and I can invite you formally on Monday July 21st to begin….”

Really great news. I’ve talked to an Microsoft Adcernter person at the Palms lounge one and a half years ago about the syndication network and I thought it never happened. I am convinced now that Microsoft will give Google a run for their money.

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July 17th, 2008

Bango Mobile Analytics - New Sponsor

Since today Bango Mobile Analytics is a new sponsor of our Webanalyticsbook blog.
Bango has won the ‘Best Mobile Internet Use’ Award presented by the Mobile Data Association (MDA) and is highly recognized in the industry.

It’s late in New York and I save my words for now, but I am looking forward to post an ultimate Mobile Analytics throwdown. Kind of like Bobbi Flay on the Food network.

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July 16th, 2008

Using Seesmic To Promote Your Business

Not sure if you heard of Video blogging and commenting tool Seesmic. It allows you to record videos and post them on the web. For blog owners Seesmic offers a small “Latest Video Comments” widget. Here
the widget of high-traffic blog Techcrunch:

And here’s how you can utilize Seesmic in order to pull some traffic:

1. Sign up at Seesmic
2. Hold up a sign with your URL in front of the camera
3. Record a smart Video comment
4. Post it on a blog of your choice

Not really my style but I bet their are some crooks people out there that would go that far to appear on Techcrunch or some other high-traffic blog. Just wonder why nobody did that so far. Maybe I should give it a try, but as I said…probably not :)

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July 16th, 2008

Youtube Analytics

It’s more and more important to drive traffic via Youtube, Flickr and Co. and I’ve noticed that not many companies take advantage of driving traffic through these tools, but rather focus on Facebook and Co..

Youtube however can be extremely powerful, b/c it’s owned by Google and as we know, pretty much any for profit organization likes to cross promote their properties. Google is certainly not different.

Jack over at 10E20’s agency blog put a great post called “Video Optimization and Analytics: A closer look at YouTube Insight” together.

Read this post and in 2 min you can call yourself a Video Analytics Guru (VAG) :)

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July 16th, 2008

DIGG And RSS Tracking

I was four days on vacation and another web analytics solution launched: blvdStatus , which looks very interesting.
It not only lets you pull the usual metrics, but also focuses on conversions. Especially for blogs the RSS readership is something important (at least that’s what everybody says) and tracking users that turn into RSS subscribers is something that not many web analytics solutions are able to to do.

Also segmenting users that come to a blog via Digg or Reddit is something that becomes more and more important, but is not really on the radar of the industry.

Overall heads up to a new approach. Well done BLVDStatus!

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July 16th, 2008

ScribeFire Review

I’ve seen ScribeFire a few days back and wasn’t really sure if it’s worth a try. After seeing the ScribeFire Ads being announced, I was curious to see more.

So here’s the first posting using Scribefire. It’s really convenient, b/c it’s incredible fast and the annoying login into my admin panel is not necessary. A simple hit on the F8 button and I am ready to blog.

If you are interested in testing it, check this Youtube video which explains how the ScribeFire ads work. It looks pretty promising and I certainly will test it out more:

ScribeFire QuickAds

I really start liking this tool, especially that it allows you to quickly edit postings.

Update: I used the promote button and it get’s better and better. Someone really thought about this product.
The only thing that I kind of miss is my SEO plugin that let’s me create some clean URLs / Titles and Metatags. Otherwise it’s very cool.

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July 15th, 2008

Two-Thirds Of Current Analytics Customers Are Satisfied

Jupiter published another interesting study which is called “Web Analytics Buyer’s Guide: Assessing Vendors, Competencies and Value”

The study shows that two-third of companies, which use a web analytics solution are satisfied with their current provider.

It’s a pretty high number and I am not sure who they asked to answer the questions, but new software products like Microsoft Analytics will have a hard time entering the market in the same speed as Google Analytics or Sitemeter

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July 15th, 2008
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