Compete Search Analytics review

Compete search Analytics went live last week and here’s my take on it:

1. Keyword Referrals

The keyword referral tool is supposed to give you an idea about which keywords or keyword phrases benefit certain domains. I tried to test it with the keyword “web analytics”, but it did not work, b/c there is a minimum requirement of 4 letters in each word. With the keyword “webanalytics” and broad match, I got the following results:

The keyword is pretty specific and I chose a small timeframe, so there are not many results. Still it is interesting to see, which website gets most of the traffic. I am not sure if the data is extremely accurate, but I got an idea of who are my “competitors” and who takes the most referrals from this specific keyword.

What’s also really nice about this tool is the export data functionality. Once the data is exported, I could use it for SEM/SEO or send them to the business development department, who now can try to make deals with the mentioned organizations/companies.

2. Site Referrals

The Site Referral tool helps you understand what keywords are driving traffic to specific websites or categories. In my test I used Below you only see 5 out of 117 results and the brand “clicktacks” and “clicktracks drives the traffic to the site.

This tool is great when you try to watch your competitors search strategy. The keyword Engagement column shows also, that the keyword “Clicktracks” drives the most engaging traffic. What could be improved are the long tail keywords (not shown in the screenshot, besides keyword 7). Keyword No.7 for example is “breastcancersite” and I am not sure why this shows up or what this has to do with Clicktracks.

Compete’s site referral tool also let’s you find keywords by category. There are about 50-100 categories that let you pull the most common keywords from (pretty much like the industry reports from Hitwise, but much cheaper). Especially for big portals or industry verticals this is a good way to double-check if certain keywords are missing.

3. Compare Sites

The Comparison tool helps you understand how your search referrals stack up against other sites. I ran the site against Marshall’s Webmetricsguru (which is much bigger). I kind of lost on the top 26 keywords, but for “reading tool” Webanaltyicsbook wins!

I guess the comparison tool works much better for similar businesses, which compete with the same keywords. In the case above it is just fun. Still I get a valuable insight on what drives Marshall’s blog traffic.


The neat features (data export /data re-sorting) packed into Competes Search Analytics tool makes it easy for anybody to use it.

Overall the tool is very valuable and compared to other Benchmarking tools the price is great. I also would like to see some extra functionalities for this tool.

Especially a reporting functionality, that can be individually scheduled would be awesome.

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September 17th, 2007

Clicktracks webinar with Avinash Kaushik

I just spend a good hour listening to Avinash Kaushik’s “webanalytics wisdom” and while I post this, he still answers questions with a remarkable passion.

Here some notes, that I took:

1. Focus on Macro Analysis
#1 How many visitors?
#2 Visitors from where (goldmine URL’s / customer intent)?
#3 Visitors what do you want (critical few) ?
#4 What are they up to?

2. Segment like crazy!
Unleashing tips #1:CT Funnel’s Rock
(Website entry points, CMTB Content, Core Product Content, Cart, Checkout)
Unleashing #2 Leverage the Long tail (SEO is king :-))
Unleashing #3 Be customer centric
(surveys, lab usabilitiy, site visits, testing)

3. Other Stuff:
- Below 20-25% bounce rate (exit rate) is very difficult to receive. 50% is more the average ( based on Avinash’s experience :-))

- Clicktracks appetizer will upgrade their free tool with a few functionalities. If I remember right the single access pages and/or referrals will be shown from now on.

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February 27th, 2007

Unleash the Power of Web Analytics

Clicktracks offers a new free seminar entitled Unleash the Power of Web Analytics. It is due to be run on 26 and 27 February 2022 by highly respected author and practitioner Avinash KaushQik.

Registration is already open at

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February 21st, 2007

New webanalytics videos

John Marshall , CEO of Clicktracks, continues its series of online video webanalytics classes. His newest class is about

cookies and it’s role in webanalytics.

Here all the episodes:

The Episode Guide:
1. Why Analyze?
2: Intro to Web Analytics
3: Data Collection
4: Data Accuracy
5: Affecting Change with Analytics
6: Segmentation

If you are interested in these videos click here.

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January 18th, 2007

Free webinars: ClickTracks Live Overview

More free webinars: Entitled the ‘ClickTracks Live Overview’, the Webinars consist of online demonstrations of ClickTracks Web analytics products and services starting in January 2007. The Webinars cover everything from how to segment visitors to how to set up revenue tracking. The online demonstrations also give customers tips and insights on interpreting specific results and are the only Web analytics virtual tutorials of this nature.

If you are interested sign up here.

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January 17th, 2007

ClickTracks Certification. How can I get it?

Louisville-based interactive agency LeapFrog Interactive is making a strategic push to further develop their expertise in search engine marketing. Already having certified three of only 233 Google™ Adwords Qualified advertising professionals in the United States, as well as four Yahoo!® Search Marketing Ambassadors, the LFI Interactive Marketing Team has recently completed certification in another leading analytics software: ClickTracks.

I am also a “certified” Adwords professional and Yahoo ambassador, but how the hell can I get a certificate w. Clicktracks. Anybody an idea?

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January 10th, 2007