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Wunderloop is a new, well-funded behaviroal targeting system, that enables precise advertising.

Luxembourg based Wunderloop continuously analyses users’ current behavior – what they click or their queries in search engines, for example – and compares in real time the wunderLOOP customer’s market research data from AGOF, Nielsen NetRatings and comScore, to name but a few, and, with the user’s consent, in-house data such as CRM profiles.

The real-time targeting allows to show users customized advertising, content or shopping offers.

I believe that user profiling (without tracking actual people) and real-time targeting are in the long-term the way to go for every e-commerce site. It is probably the ultimate solution to maximize profits.

The customized online shopping experience seems to be closer than I thought and e-commerce sites will probably be changing on the fly depending on the customer that enters the website. Content targeting will certainly the next big thing.

Not only content and search, but also advertising is going to change if services like Wunderloop succeed.
Banner advertising is pretty much dead right now and this technology could be the way to create a competitive ad system, which can compete with Google’s/Yahoo’s contextual advertising platforms.

Personally I am not sure if it will be a great thing for the reputation of the webanalytics industry if massively funded companies like Wunderloop uses various data sources to target users in an pretty much “uncontrolled” way. Especially when it comes to behaviroal (or smart) pricing, I somehow have a bad feeling in my stomach.

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February 15th, 2007

Internet sales surpassed the $100 billion mark

Internet sales surpassed the $100 billion mark for the period January 1, 2022 to December 23, according to data released by comScore Networks. The total is the first time online retail (excluding travel) surpassed $100 billion.

During the first 56 days of the 2006 holiday season, total online retail spending increased 26 percent to $23.11 billion. Sales during the week prior to Christmas (December 18 – December 22,) sales rose 38 percent compared with the same week in 2005….According to comScore Networks, retail e-commerce accounts for approximately 7 percent of consumers’ retail spending (excluding gas, autos and food,) making it an important component of the total economy.

Very interesting to see that “only” 7% of retail spending is based on e-commerce. There is plenty of room for new businesses. Especially in the food sector E-commerce is still very slow even that new concepts like Freshdirect.com seem to work out pretty good.

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January 5th, 2007