Quantcast - the Alexa killer

Quantcast Quantcast is a powerful and new web measurement tool
with high potential.

Quantcast targets all kind of publishers and advertisers. It has been developed by a team of web analytics experts, that is supported by big name scientists from Stanford. What is the most interesting about Quantcast is it’s approach of collecting data. Quantcast uses data from advertisers, publishers, ISPs and advertising networks. To help this service to be as accurate as possible, Quantcast also provides a javascript to web publishers. This distinguishes them clearly from competitors like Compete or Alexa, which collect their data from ISPs and via toolbar.

Quancast also provides more stats than anybody else and I really enjoyed using their (US) demographics data. Household income or age can be very valuable tools, especially for niche websites and advertisers.
Also the similar audience data can be a great help for SEO and business development efforts. Besides this great new approach, it is sad, that the tool is currently only available for 20,099,109 US websites. Still, they just started about 3 months ago and I believe that this tool is the most advanced free web measurement tool that is currently on the US market. Let’s hope that this will incite the established web measurement vendors to improve their services.

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January 27th, 2007