Focus on positioning instead of pricing

“How much should we charge for our products / services?” is a question that a lot of  web analysts and online marketers ask themselves. But what they should ask themselves first is “Where do I position my business?”. It’s often overseen, but the way your online business is positioned will effect your customers evaluation process of your business.

The “beer on the beach” study by economist Richard Thaler revealed that sunbathers pay up to $2.65 for a beer from a high-end hotel, but only $1.50 if it comes from a local store.

Obviously you can do some trending with your web analytics solution,  but you should never forget simple psychology and ask yourself the following questions when it comes to finding the right pricing:
1. What value does your service give to your customer?

2. Are you planning to offer your service as a low-end or premium-cost provider?

3. Would your customer buy your product/service even when he/she could get the exact same from someone else?

4.  How much do competitors charge?

And certainly a lot more. Feel free to add!

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September 1st, 2007

Reviews and ratings of web analytics solutions

A few weeks ago, I published the largest web analytics guide with about 200 web analysis solutions. Many people rated their vendor with the built-in starrater system. But I’ve noticed that not many people left comments.

I would like you my favorite reader to rate your web analytics solution and would highly appreciate it, if you leave a comment. As a little incentive, I will grab your URL from your email and add it to a “Thanks for reviewing posting”. It takes no more than 5 min and it should help you with your search engine rankings.

So please head over to the Webanalyticsbook web analytics guide, and leave an honest review of the web analytics solution, that you have been working with.


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August 30th, 2007

Web Analytics X Change Conference

I haven’t posted about the X Change Conference yet…so here’s the deal:

X change conference takes place on September 20-21st at Copia in Napa, California and is highly focused on web analytics. Pretty much the Who is Who of the industry is showing up. I am sure it will be a great conference and I’d love to go, but $1200 for 2 days is too much for me, especially that I was planning to attend Emetrics and WMW within the next 12 weeks.

  • Eric Peterson of Web Analytics DeMystified on Web Analytics Process
  • Duff Anderson of iPerceptions on Attitudinal Research and Web Analytics
  • Gary Angel of Semphonic on Functionalism and SEM Analytics
  • Matt Belkin of Omniture on Advanced Omniture Tools and Visitor Segmentation
  • Paul Bruemmer of Red Door on Advanced Search Engine Measurement and SEO for Dynamic Web Sites
  • Joseph Carrabis of NextStage Evolution on Understanding Online Customers
  • Terry Cohen and Matt Jacobs from Digitas on Measuring Engagement and Customer/Web Behavioral Integration
  • Aaron Gray of WebTrends on Advanced WebTrends Tools and Techniques for Using Web Behavioral Data
  • Manoj Jasra of Enquiro on Measuring Social Networks
  • Phil Kemelor of CMS Watch and Semphonic on Executive KPIs
  • Paul Legutko of Semphonic on analyzing Site Engagement by Site Tools and Areas
  • John Quarto-vonTivadar of FutureNow on Persuasion Architecture
  • Olivier Silvestre of Visual Sciences on Advance VS Tools and Integrated Analysis
  • Marshall Sponder of IBM and WebMetricsGuru on Measuring 2nd Life
  • Jaques Warren of WAO Marketing on Determining KPIs and Cost/Revenue Analysis for Campaigns
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August 17th, 2007