Visitorlogs Visitorlogs - looks good, but sign up is broken.

I am not sure if it is only me, but another tool that used to be working end of last summer is down:

Microsoft VBScript compilation error ‘800a0400′

Expected statement

/NewSiteUser.asp, line 3

Option Explicit

Visitorlogs features weren’t bad at all, but maybe they are another Google analytics casualty or just the disinclination to invest in the highly competitive free webanalytics market.

Update: Never mind! I haven’t checked the error message immediately, but now I did it. Firefox issue during sign up. That’s it. With IE it works well. But seriously….it’s 2007. People use Firefox as well. I won’t bother now. The tool looks good, basic reports, campaign tracking, conversion tracking….not much to add.

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March 12th, 2007

Austrian Webanalytics war

Recent webanalytics industry bashing in the US is nothing compared to Austrias latest webanalytics war.
The ÖWA is Austrias webanalytics association (founded in 1998). The goals of the organization are the promotion of the online industry and the research of objective and comparable online data. The data is published each month and the basic guideline for any online marketer. Comparable with Hitwise, Comscore, Nielsen… but not privately held.
Wolfgang Fellner, publisher of the Österreich newspaper & website, which can be compared to AM or METRO, now sued the ÖWA, because the organziation suddenly changed their measurement rules and reporting. Wellner believes that there is a substantially unequal treatment and that some members of the organization used their membership to influence numbers and protect their position in the online news market.
Since Fellners allegations and complaint, the ÖWA decided no to publish any numbers for February 2007. Also the VÖZ, Austrias (print) newspaper organzation, hesitates to accept the free “Österreich” newspaper as a member.
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March 10th, 2007

355stats tracking dead used to be a full featured stats tracking service with “state-of-the-art software to track and log all website activity”.

Currently the site is down and it doesn’t seem that the service will be back up. The domain shows a standard Godaddy landing page. About 6 months ago the service used to be live and available to everyone.
I am not a fan of dead pools, but maybe within the next weeks it is time to set up one.

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March 9th, 2007

10³bees - Longtail optimization

10³bees 10³bees - the long-tail optimization tool

10³bees is a free javascript webanalytics solution, that is specialized in measuring organic traffic.

The name 10³bees resultet out of the following idea:

Bees are very likeable and hardworking insects relentlessly gathering millions of pollen every day. Just like our ‘bees’: they collect search queries so you will be able to optimize your content and backlinks to increase search engine traffic - the ’sweet stuff’ everybody is so fond of!

The UI allows users to see their referrals, bookmarks & type-in traffic,natural search traffic and Paid traffic.

Besides the standard tracking features it has some funny stuff available: The so called ‘honeypot”. The honeypot shows funny

queries/keywords that users submitted. The latest keywords were “how to install the internet?” or “how to find thieves?”.

Overall the tool is very neat and useful for small webmasters, that just need to get some quick info in order to optimize their


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March 9th, 2007 - old school webanalytics vendor spam distributes free counters to customers. The counter script (see below) includes a little secret code that links to Logstats other business: Artelight, an onlineshop for lamps (”Leuchten”), that currently ranks in Google on #1 rank for lamps (”Leuchten” and “Lampen”). Thanks to Blogoscoped this is already known for a good week and nobody at Google thought about doing something so far. I wonder why European webmasters even bother being white-hat SEOs. Blackhat SEO just seems to work fine.


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February 21st, 2007

Social network tracking

Whosonmypage  re-launched it’s social                         network tracker.

Whosonmypage is a social network tracker that pretty much works like other “reverse tracking solutions“, that I believe are one of the most user appreciated Web 2.0 inventions.

After getting pulled from Myspace in 2006, they finally re-launched their product in a great way, getting it ready for a revival. Whosonmypage users can track all their social network profiles with just one service now. To run this service it is necessary to install a toolbar.New features of Whosonmypage also includes:

- Easy video sharing

- Easy video sharing- Inviting friends with a click on a button

- Proflie monitoring on the fly

- Messaging (social network independant)

- Top 10 friends quick list


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February 14th, 2007

Venturebeat “beats” webanalytics industry again

Matt Marshall at Venturebeat seems not to stop beating up the webanalytics industry. Last time he posted about the industry during the famous Digg vs. “fight” and I responded.

This time he again mentions that all big webanalytics solutions have “problems” and I agree with him that since his post in August not much has happened in terms of quality.

But what I don’t like about his posting is the bashing of new Alexa competitors. These competitors are only a few months in the market and nobody should expect, that Compete or Quantcast deliver accurate data for millions of websites. These companies just build a brand new system with high profile engineers as well as statistics professors and in my opinion a little patience can be expected. The Google search engine needed some time to be sophisticated as well, so why not give these companies time to come up with a better solution than Alexa currently provides.

I am still convinced that Alexa, Compete, Quantcast, Hitwise, Nielsen, Comscore and others will push the pace and will develop much better results over the next months and years.

Web measurement of the entire internet is not easy at all, but results are still often better than TV or Radio ratings, which scientists try to improve for decades.


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February 8th, 2007

VisiStat honored with CyberStar® Most Innovative Product award

Visistat VisiStat was the honored recipient of the inaugural CyberStar® Most Innovative Product award.

It was presented in recognition of VisiStat’s unique technical approach in Website reporting, link tracking and Web analytics tools and its applications for the real estate industry.

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January 30th, 2007

Quantcast - the Alexa killer

Quantcast Quantcast is a powerful and new web measurement tool
with high potential.

Quantcast targets all kind of publishers and advertisers. It has been developed by a team of web analytics experts, that is supported by big name scientists from Stanford. What is the most interesting about Quantcast is it’s approach of collecting data. Quantcast uses data from advertisers, publishers, ISPs and advertising networks. To help this service to be as accurate as possible, Quantcast also provides a javascript to web publishers. This distinguishes them clearly from competitors like Compete or Alexa, which collect their data from ISPs and via toolbar.

Quancast also provides more stats than anybody else and I really enjoyed using their (US) demographics data. Household income or age can be very valuable tools, especially for niche websites and advertisers.
Also the similar audience data can be a great help for SEO and business development efforts. Besides this great new approach, it is sad, that the tool is currently only available for 20,099,109 US websites. Still, they just started about 3 months ago and I believe that this tool is the most advanced free web measurement tool that is currently on the US market. Let’s hope that this will incite the established web measurement vendors to improve their services.

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January 27th, 2007

MON.ITOR.US offers free webanalytics solution releases a free webanalytics tool
and offers a free upgrade to its monitoring services.

The service provides instant visual feedback about KPIs
of websites such as uptime statistics, access speed from multiple geographic locations, visitor
tracking and page view statistics.
The combination of web traffic, site uptime statistics and page load speed makes
the service unique; the aggregated metrics provide more insights about website capacity
and usage - for example diagnosing load issues during peak hours.

I definitely will use this service for up- and downtime alerts, which will be sent out by email. For any SEM/SEO will also be a great tool to monitor competitors.

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January 23rd, 2007