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Simplyhired widget re-directs to Malware

Usually I don’t care much about blog plugins since they are free, but what Job-a-matic,which belongs to Simplyhired is doing with Job-o-matic, their “related job widget”, is not ok.

I installed the widget about 1.5 years ago since it was recommended by Techcrunch, Gigaom and a few other high-profile bloggers. The installation worked great and I started earning a few hundred USD, which was great and unexpected, but after not getting paid (you have to claim your money, no automation!), Job-o-matic looked a little suspicious to me. However…it’s the internet :)

A few months back,  I suddenly noticed that the job widget displayed 3 related jobs in my blog sidebar. These links all linked to the subdomain as I agreed on when I signed up for the widget. In my case:

So far so good. But that’s not all. Simplyhired got a little greedy and started to show their logo with a clean backlink to their own site (giving them the power of a few thousand blogs). Fair enough! Building backlinks is essential to survive in today’s market.

But it gets better….the latest attempt to pull traffic away from my blog is re-directing the job links to third party sites such as, a cheaply made job board, and to third party Simplyhired (Job-o-matic) boards…such as the one from Eric Perterson.

I certainly don’t have a problem sending traffic to Eric’s webanalytics demystified job board, but it’s a cheap attempt from Job-o-matic to cross-sell traffic within their network (without disclosure). In Eric’s case I really don’t care since I am not really competing with Eric (and I am 100% sure that he’s unaware of Simply Hired’s tricks), but what leaves a sour taste in my mouth is that the re-directed link will be called out as malware by the Antivir antivirus software (see below).

That said…not sure if simplyhired will answer to this, but re-directing traffic to competitive job boards or re-directing to malware sites is something nobody should accept.

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July 27th, 2009

Media Management Analytics

I was just wondering how offline Media management can be transferred in a Web 2.0 and Analytics world. Media management is just something that has going through the roof since the media power moved away from a few selected, educated folks (journalists…) to pretty much every single person with a keyboard and internet access.

But that’s nothing new. What’s way more interesting to me is Media Management Analytics. How do we measure influence, engagement, sentiment and reach in a Web 2.0 world?
It has been tried by several industry legends, but even with great approaches and  tools, we just got a small grasp, but are far from getting the full picture.
An Alexa number, the Google Pagerank, Google trends, Comscore, Hitwise… and tons of social media measuring tools such as Twitterfeel, Repdefense, Social mention….are so far just not good enough.

The entire Media economics field and the interrelationship between media, law and ethics are something that’s just fascinating since it’s so powerful and barely measurable.

Well..enough philosophy……’s really an amazing time we are living in. How boring must the communications experts industry be 20 years ago…at a time when they had nothing to fear, but a few journalists.

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July 27th, 2009

Yahoo Answers Fail

Yahoo answers and Google are just doing a great job with serving the public :) Let it Bing!

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July 5th, 2009

Interview with Heiner Hemken

Thanks for stopping by and giving us an interview for the Webanalyticsbook readers.
For people, who don’t know him, Gretus runs, one of the top search engine optimization blogs in Germany. Heiner is currently also working on a secret SEO Tool, which he will roll out within a few months.

Webanalyticsbook: Since we already spoke a few times, let’s start the interesting stuff right away. Why another SEO Tool?

Gretus: In Germany there are only a few tools, which offer all the relevant information for webmasters. There are a bunch of great tools, but most are quite expensive. We want to offer simple tools, which can be used by everyone and most probably will be free.

Webanalyticsbook: What functionalities do you want to include in your tool?

Gretus: As already said, our tool will only deliver the basic information, e.g. keyword positions, number and quality of backlinks, PageRank, TrafficRank and so on.

Webanalyticsbook: How does this differ from tools such as Sistrix, Searchmetrics or SEOlytics, which are the three big one’s in Germany?

Gretus: You can´t compare our tool to them. The named tools are more or less huge instruments, specially made for companies and SEOs. If you´re a webmaster who only earns a few dollars with a site, you can´t affort a tool which costs hundreds of dollars a month.

Webanalyticsbook: The tool will be completely free?

Gretus: It will be completely free!

Webanalyticsbook: Do you plan to offer an API for more advanced clients or will you offer a closed system like the most vendors?

Gretus: First we will start out with a closed system, too. We are planning a kind of networking component, by which all the users can change the tool and build it out.

Webanalyticsbook: How much further do you want to develop the tool? Will it be a fully-equipped tool like Searchmetrics or rather stand in the middle?

Gretus: As you know from our project, everything is possible. If the users like our tool, we’ll build it out

Webanalyticsbook: Thanks for the interview! I’ll follow you on Twitter and good luck with your soon-to-be launched SEO tool.

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June 29th, 2009

Engagement Reports

Clicktale just announced a few new reports, which they now started offering:

- Engagement Report
- Low/High Click Report
- Sites w. most Javascript errrors
- Pages, which take the longest to load

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June 27th, 2009

Search Analytics

Great Search Analytics presentation by Marko Hurst. Check it out:

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June 6th, 2009

Measuring and Reporting Key Events Of Websites

Having looked at many analytics tools and dashboards, I was always impressed what vendors came up with to show some value of their tools. The latest trend, that especially SEO Tools like Searchmetrics, Sistrix Toolbox and SEOlytics came up with, was a so-called
“Visibility Index”, which aims to tell the visibility of a website in the search engines.

Visibility is something extremely tough to measure and unless you run an entire proxy server farm in several continents, you’ll probably have an issue getting really valuable data.

On top of that we are in the days where social media can drive more traffic than a search engine and visilibity in the organic rankings might be interesting, but the really valuable traffic might come from a Youtube video, which a visitors placed on Facebook and promoted through Twitter.

That said…I saw an intresting graph over at Marshall’s blog: the 6-month performance an key events report (see below). What a beautiful graph to show how a website is doing! I hope one of the vendors pick up the idea and generate a dashboard report, which not only displays the webanalytics data and 3rd party products (via API), but also allows the user to include key events such as “Database crash” or “New SEO tool added”.

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May 24th, 2009

Userfly - Usability Analytics

If two smart Stanford graduates decide to leave their jobs and come up with a new analytics tool, it’s certainly worth a look. Chris and Ashvin decided to launch a usability tool called Userfly.
Userfly allows to record mouse and clicks movements. Ideally to improve landing pages or to analyze overall site usability.

Two thumbs up. Userfly is a tool, that everybody should install if they want to increase their website traffic without wasting time on crunching numbers. from Chris Estreich on Vimeo.

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May 1st, 2009

Yahoo Analytics 9.5

Since I am so incredibly busy with some work and with my newborn at home, I totally missed out on the brand new Yahoo Analytics 9.5.

The newest feature which is included is the Demographics capabilities.
Since MS Adcenter Analytics is shutting down end of the year, I believe Yahoo Analytics will be the only analytics solutions, which includes this feature:

Found via and

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April 28th, 2009

Bango Mobile Analytics Releases New Features

Bango, one of the few high-end mobile analytics solutions, hasn’t given up the fight, but rather launches product feature after product feature.

Their latest release includes the following new features:

- High accuracy through privacy protected, unique user ID
- Track unique visitors no matter their network connection
- Particularly important for smart phone users as they swop between home & office
- Greater level of granularity, see campaign results hour by hour
- Advanced filtering and sorting gets the results needed on a case by case basis

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April 22nd, 2009
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