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WPP and Omniture Join Forces: Win Win For Both

One of the top 5 advertising conglomerates WPP and Omniture joined forces with WPP investing $25 million in Omniture common stocks.

This is an incredible interesting deal since WPP and Omniture can combine their analytics solutions and develop new products.

In recent months Omniture seemed to have lost a little bit of speed since other free analytics solutions, such as Google Analytics and Yahoo Analytics, moved into the web analytics enterprise space, offering features like advanced segmentation.

Overal I’d say this is one of the best moves that Omniture could do. The high-end market is saturated for Omniture and WPP probably never had the expertise that Omniture has. Win-Win for both. WPP will bring the high-end clients…Omniture the technology, experience and webanalyst power.

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January 31st, 2009

Mobile Analytics On A Blackberry

Iwebtrack, a web tracking solution, is one of the first bringing mobile analytics as well as web analytics to the Blackberry and other Windows mobile devices.

Unlike a lot of other web analytics vendors, iwebtrack brings these stats not to the Iphone only, but also to other smartphones.

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January 30th, 2009

Ultra Light Web Analytics

A fasterTed.com.happens next week in New York when tech entrepreneurs sharing tequniques to launch faster and cheaper.

Should be a great event since a bunch of web analytics gurus show up

Bryan from Future Now, Dennis from Yahoo and Marshall, the Webmetricsguru.

If you are interested, sign up for the Ultra Light Web Analytics Event here.

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January 28th, 2009

ClickTale Email Tracking

Every Analytics 2.0 tool is working it’s niche and Clicktale found a quite interesting one: Email tracking.

Their new Email tracking feature allows to not only see which recipients click on the link in the email, but also watch the actions on the landing page.

Pretty nice usability as well:

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January 27th, 2009

How Analytics Drives Mobile Marketing Success

Pretty much under radar lately mobile device consumption has worldwide trumped both TV and PCs combined. Currently most brands are just experimenting with mobile marketing and mobile analytics in order to find a breakthrough campaign. 

That’s why R/GA invited a the top mobile analytics brands to New York. Participants are from Microsoft, Bango, R/GA and Beyond Interaction.

Here the full event info:

When: Thursday, January 29, 2022

Where: R/GA, 350 West 39th Street (Cross Street: 9th Avenue), New York City

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Presentation starts promptly at 7pm

Participants: Steve Siegel, Senior Account Executive, Mobile, Microsoft

Adam Kerr, VP North America, Bango

Debra Bluman, Partner, Communications Planning Director, Beyond Interaction

Richard Ting, ECD & VP, Mobile & Emerging Platforms, R/GA

Luane Kohnke, SVP, Managing Director—Analytics & Accountability, R/GA

Dave Edwards, Group Account Director, R/GA

RSVP: rsvp@rga.com

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January 25th, 2009

Googlebot behaving badly

The not-so beautiful Googlebot seems to have more issues than anybody could imagine. I’ve just noticed that Google’s crawler got caught in a loop on one of my sites and ended up hitting the sites pretty hard. So I guess I am one of the less than .01% which have problems with a regular Wordpress installation. Well…I heard better excuses…here it is:


Name: crawl-66-249-66-167.googlebot.com

Now Google has to stay outside :)

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January 25th, 2009

You got to go on Twitter…

…that’s the newest sh.t! Overheard yesterday after work in NYC and the person saying it, was certainly not a geek. Not only Obama “twitters”, but also politicians around the world now heavily use Twitter to reach out to their clients voters. Twitter clearly has become worldwide mainstream by now.

Personally, I cannot warm up with Twitter. I am just so not important or interesting enough to share my life with everybody out there and doing it solely to drive traffic and get a little SEO out of it….sorry not convinced.

If you are in the same situation and cannot use Twitter intelligently,  maybe these sources will convince you:

17 Ways you can use Twitter (classical link bait article)

How I use Twitter to promote my blog (Mr. Problogger himself)

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business (Mr. Brogan)

Here’s How I use Twitter (via thedublogger.edublogs.edu)

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January 24th, 2009

Trackset Keeps Ruling The Italian Web Analytics Market

Never underestimate the power of local companies: While in the US the big boys fight in a very difficult environment, their European counterparts keep getting better and better.
Trackset, Italian’s beautifully designed web analytics solution, signed FinecoBank, the top direct bank in Italy and the n°1 broker in Europe.

Fineco will use two of Tracksets software products:
Trackset ConversionLab in order to monitor the efficiency of all communication campaigns and Marketing return on investments, as well as Trackset VisualPath for Web Usability.

Big win for both companies. Congrats to the Trackset guys.

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January 22nd, 2009

URL Shortener With Tracking

Urlzen is a new service, by the founders of Statzen. It allows to shorten URLs and track clicks.

It’s a nice way of quickly tracking URLs in Twitter or anywhere else.

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January 21st, 2009

Testing, Testing, Testing

The WAA and Unica are doing it again: A Webcast about Testing, Testing &…Testing.

The entire webcast is open to Members and Non-Members, so mark it in your calendars:

Thursday February 5, 2009, 12pm EST/9am PST. Gurus like Akin Arikan, Bryan Eisenberg and Josh Manion will be part of the Panel.

Registration can be done here.

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January 19th, 2009
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