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Free data mining software

Posted by admin on August 1st, 2007 filed in Tools
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Rapid-I (formerly Rapid miner)  is new and free data mining software.  Rapid I has great Visualization and got released under GPL. It can import pretty much every data , has great 2d and 3d functionality and allows more than 400 operators.


Here all the new functionalities:

  • RapidMiner now supports workspaces for different projects. The default workspace must be set during the first start of RapidMiner.
  • Training and test data do no longer need to have exactly the same structure. Changing the order of nominal values often caused problems for past versions.
  • The operator PerformanceEvaluator is now divided into smaller task dependent operators allowing for additional checks.
  • New compatibility checks for prediction models between training and application data.
  • A filter for the New Operator tab is added.
  • Added learning for numerical attributes for rule learners.
  • Improved the visualization for almost all performance criteria.
  • Added 3D visualization of confusion matrix
  • Added automatical (averaged) ROC curve visualization for AUC criterion.
  • New plotter: Deviation.
  • amongst others

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