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Outsmarting Content Scraper

Posted by admin on July 3rd, 2008 filed in Tools
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If you blog or publish content in any way, you probably have noticed that content scraping became “Volkssport” No.1 these days. Especially when you use WordPress, Moveable Type or some other popular CMS.

Below two solutions on how to outsmart content scraper:

1. A cute plugin for your blog that takes advantage of Content scraper’s link juice.

The plugin adds an extra line of content to articles in your feed, defaulting to “Post from: ” and then a link back to your blog

2. A sweet Framebuster code for people, who steal your content by hanging it up in beautiful Picasso frames

{script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"}
var S=['www.bad-domain.com','bad-domain.com'];
function chk(l) {for (var i=0,s;s=S[i];i++) if (l==s) return 1;}
if (window!=top) {
var l;
if (document.referrer && (l=document.referrer.split('/')[2]) &&chk(l)) top.location.href="http://www.go-to-mysite.com";

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