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Comscore Media Metrix looses CEO to Yahoo

Posted by admin on August 14th, 2006 filed in Webanalytics general
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Yahoo Inc. announced today that it has hired the chief executive of ComScore Media Metrix. Peter Daboll, has been named Yahoo’s chief of insights and head of global market research.
Media Metrix 2.0, the flagship service from comScore and one of the most important business fields of the company.
Media Metrix details the behavior of people who access the Internet, proprietary networks like AOL, instant messaging and other digital applications. Besides the main competitor Nielsen Netratings the service delivers very accurate and comprehensive audience ratings and estimates available today.

Peter Daboll, who had led ComScore Networks Inc.’s Media Metrix division for four years, recently left the firm for a new position at Yahoo: chief of insights and head of global market research. He expects to collect and analyze data to help Yahoo offer better products and more effective ads.

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