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Public visitor tracking function is a cash cow

Posted by admin on January 26th, 2007 filed in Webanalytics general
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The first time I saw “public visitor tracking” on the popular European business network Xing. Members of Xing are able to track pretty much everything:

Members who recently visited my profile
Members whose profile I visited recently
Members who recently clicked the Homepage of one of my former companies
Members who recently viewed my “About me” page


Second time I heard about public visitor tracking occured, when Vbulletin, one of the largest forum software providers, offered a modification script called Who Viewed My Profile .

Third time it was, which upgraded their service with “Reverse hotlist” functions.The latest developments are Mybloglog, which opened up the public visitor tracking to blogs (see below right).

Website and software upgrades are not very exciting, but what is impressive is that all companies, that installed a public tracking service, are extremly successful. Business network Xing became the largest unoffical Dating site business network in Europe, Vbulletin is by far the most popular paid forum software, speaks for itself and Mybloglog got recently aquired by Yahoo.

Curiosity seems to drive humans to use these tracking services. Concerns regarding privacy are somehow non-existend anymore. Human curiosity does not only help people to connect better, but also brings in a load of money to these companies.

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