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Web Analytics predictions for 2008

Posted by admin on January 10th, 2008 filed in Webanalytics general

Ok…we are already in the year 2008, but Rich has some great predictions, that I had to comment on:

1.  Jan 2008 - Core Metrics acquire Web Trends.

***** possible, but I am not convinced.

2.  Mar 2008 - Amazon.com gets into web analytics!

************ I definitely would love to see that. Amazon’s Alexa is a pretty powerful tool, but pretty much undervalued. They are in the business for a while and I would love to see them coming up with some advanced features (like Compete’s search analytics).

3. May 2008Disaster for Microsoft Site Analytics.

************ Let’s see how that goes. I’ve tested Gatineau a while ago and I like the tool, b/c it is not the usual 0815 interface. Gatineau is still in private beta, but it’s time to come up with something for everybody.

Overall I am not so sure how the demographics feature will really change the game. I am not sure how accurate the demographic data from hotmail is. So…I don’t think it will be a disaster….I’d rather think it won’t have as much of an impact as Google Analytics had, when it launched.

4. June 2008 - WebTrends continues its spending spree!

***ok…don’t know too much about WebTrends.

5. August 2008 - Omniture offers free analytics solution

*********Definitely would love to see that. Omniture vs. Google would be nice matchup.

6. December 2008 - Big acquisition shock.

********** Google buying Omniture! I can imagine it, but I doubt that it will be necessary. The majority of websites will be happy to keep on using Google Analytics / Sitemeter / Gatineau….

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