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Webanalyst needed for 190k+

Posted by admin on December 17th, 2006 filed in Webanalytics general
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In recent Business 2.0 articles it was quoted that .ASP developers have such a high demand that the wages became exorbitant. They were clearly marked as the highest demanded jobs in 2006.

Since big controversial discsussions about numbers (Comscore vs. Hitwise vs. Alexa vs. everybody else) I believe the highest demanded jobs are webanalysts. My highlight happened last week, when a friend of mine referred me to these numbers:

“Supervisor-level (salaries of 110-130k+) and Associate Director-level (140-190k+)… “

I am not sure what these jobs require ( I prefer running my own business), but these numbers of usually pretty cheap companies show that the supply of good webanalysts cannot keep up with the demand. My predictions for 2007: Webanalysts will be on top of the IT food chain


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