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Webanalytics predictions for 2007

Posted by admin on December 31st, 2006 filed in Webanalytics general
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1. All big webanalytics vendors will keep on “cloning” and “stealing” ideas from each other and for average Joe it will be more difficult to distinguish the differences between Websidestory, Omniture, Fireclick, Webtrends and Co..
2. The WAA will continue to define norms and ways to measure things unless they want the media to bash the entire webanalytics industry again.

3. Webanalysts will finally be realized as the most important asset of a web company.

4. The prices for high-end webanalytics software will drop.
5. Hitwise, Comscore, Nielsen Netratings will keep on showing different numbers.
6. New Key Performance indicators will be found to measure real Web 2.0 success.

7. Google Analytics/ Urchin will continue to have 400.000 customers who don`t really use it
8. Senior Webanalysts salaries will beat the $200k mark.

9. SAS Analytics will go mainstream
10. I will finally publish another webanalytics book :-)

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