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Youtube numbers are fake

Posted by webmeasurement on October 17th, 2006 filed in Webanalytics general
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YouTube’s claims of serving 100 million videos per day are already proven wrong. I always wondered about high numbers like that, not only since recent controversy about  The number is obviously not accurate at all.

Pete Cashmore over at Mashable now proved that the numbers are fake. Pete’s fake profile currently ranks under the top 100 Youtube videos and already received more than 20000 views. He basicially uses a simple refresh trick that already worked with simple tracking tools about 10 years ago.

Not onlythe views are wrong, but also the length of the video is only 7 seconds.  So how much is a 7 second video worth in real life? 

The numbers are also fake, b/c users tend to launch a video and stop it. Like on your TV. I am not sure if Google knows about that, but it is once more proven that numbers can be easily faked.

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