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Google Adwords + Adsense + 75% Search Market Share = Monopoly

Posted by admin on October 18th, 2008 filed in Google Analytics
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I’ve had a talk with Marshall, the Webmetricsguru, regarding Google’s quarterly results today. I wasn’t surprised at all and we kind of agreed on the fact that Google has the choice “to tune” their accounts in any direction that they want. Fullfilling Wallstreet expectations is just a question of tuning  Adsense payouts,  adjusting the collected analytics data or changing the SERPs.

Marshall wrote a great post putting different sources together. Here’s the simplified formula I came up with (you probably get what I am saying):

Adwords + Adsense + 75% Market Share = Monopoly

If we would go even further we could come up with the following:

Google Adwords + Adsense + Analytics + Toolbar + 75% Market Share in Search= Monopoly

I am not sure if I would like a regulation of Google, but I hope that someone can offer a serious alternative soon. It’s not good for the web if every 4th dollar spend online stays more or less in one companies hands.

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