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10³bees - Longtail optimization

Posted by admin on March 9th, 2007 filed in Other webanalytic software
10³bees 10³bees - the long-tail optimization tool

10³bees is a free javascript webanalytics solution, that is specialized in measuring organic traffic.

The name 10³bees resultet out of the following idea:

Bees are very likeable and hardworking insects relentlessly gathering millions of pollen every day. Just like our ‘bees’: they collect search queries so you will be able to optimize your content and backlinks to increase search engine traffic - the ‘sweet stuff’ everybody is so fond of!

The UI allows users to see their referrals, bookmarks & type-in traffic,natural search traffic and Paid traffic.

Besides the standard tracking features it has some funny stuff available: The so called ‘honeypot”. The honeypot shows funny

queries/keywords that users submitted. The latest keywords were “how to install the internet?” or “how to find thieves?”.

Overall the tool is very neat and useful for small webmasters, that just need to get some quick info in order to optimize their


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