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The Number Of Feed Subscribers Is The New Pagerank

Posted by admin on July 25th, 2008 filed in Rant
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I am kind of astonished how many bloggers are constantly trying to force readers to subscribe to their feed and how web analytics “experts” talk about the Feed subscribers as one of the top KPI’s for bloggers. I certainly jumped on the bandwagon (I believe I posted even about it :) ), but never went to the extreme and pushed users to the feed wherever I could.

I’d rather enjoy when people come back to the blog, read the posts, see all the pics and possibly leave comments. My advertisers like it as well. Even Google’s quality score might like it.

However… where does this Feed subscriber obsession come from?
Feedadvertising barely works for any sites and if you don’t set up your feed so it drives people directly back (e.g by showing only a few words) it is kind of worthless.

Ohhh…I forgot it’s all about branding and authority, b/c that’s how it works in the Web 2.0 world. :)
For me, the Feedburner subscriber stats are the new Page Rank. Closely followed by Twitter followers and ____________(fill blank)

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