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Google Analytics Under Investigation In Germany

Posted by admin on July 14th, 2008 filed in Google Analytics
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Today I saw that the officials in Berlin, Germany announced that Google Analytics, the popular web analytics solution from Google, is not legal in Germany. The statement by the officials mentions that Google Analytics is in it’s current version not conform with Germany’s data privacy laws.

I personally wrote before that I would switch off Google’s benchmarking feature, but the way Germany’s officals treat Google Analytics, just convinces me another time that it was great to turn my back on Germany and move to the US.

I fully understand that the US lacks data privacy and a lot of things are really handled badly (my social got lost already twice within 5 years).

However web analytics is an industry that collects pretty much anonymized data and is a new industry, which tries to standardize their best practices (together with the WAA).

Instead of working with the web analytics industry and finding a solution,  it’s the typical bullyish mentality of the German government that makes things bad for everybody.

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